Becca Gray Makeup

Becca Gray Makeup

Posted by Lady Wimbledon | 4 May 2017 | Who To Follow

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Becca Gray Professional Makeup Artist

What brought you to Wimbledon?

My family home was 10 minutes away from Wimbledon, so I have always been a local girl spending many a night out in Wimbledon and the Village. Wimbledon has always been my go to place, from shopping and meeting friends for dinner to beauty treatments and yoga classes.

Where is your favourite place in Merton?

Oh this is tricky, I have a couple – I love Space NK and enjoy trying out all their new products. Gina Conway is great for getting a beautiful blow dry, Paola’s BodyBarre because I am a total exercise addict and Lu-Ma Cafe, as I eat healthily (no dairy, sugar or wheat) so this is the perfect place for me.

What are you looking forward to most this year?

My wedding is in September, and I am really looking forward to this. We only got engaged in November so the time is flying by, every spare minute is spent wedding planning and I can’t wait for the day to actually be here. For work, I am most looking forward to Couture Fashion Week in June and then London and Paris in September. These are always my favourite times of year, it is such a mad buzz and a total high working backstage.

Who do you follow most on social media?

At the moment I am totally obsessed with weddings and following all accounts wedding related. There are so many out there but these are two of my favourite: Charlotte Nichols Weddings and Coco Wedding Venues. For makeup inspiration I follow the amazing Charlotte Tilbury Makeup.

Twitter: @Becca_GrayXx
Instagram: @becca_grayxx

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