Take The Wimbledon Quiz…

Take The Wimbledon Quiz…

Posted by Matthew Benwell | 19 May 2017 | Out & About, Wimbledon Gent

There is nothing more British than a pub quiz – that’s a fact. It amazes me that when I describe the pub quiz to chaps from other nations, the concept seems totally alien to them. It totally defines the modern pub as a social hub come community-centre.

However, long gone are the days of someone standing in the corner of a smoky room reading out questions from a scrap of paper. The modern quiz-hunter demands picture rounds, sound-effects, music rounds and at least one round which deviates from the usual question and answer format. The image of groups of knit-wearing nerds has also been replaced with throngs of people turning up as part of their weekly routine. Dinner is often a part of the occasion, and punters expect a good standard of fayre.

So in light of these requirements, I have been out and about looking for the top 5 pub quizzes in and around Wimbledon:

The Rose and Crown, Tuesday nights at 8.30pm. Entry £2.50

If you live in or around SW19, you know the Rose and Crown: a good homely pub with roaring fires, good food, good beers and a decent garden. However, it is fast becoming the new Tuesday haunt for village-type quizzage. The set up is reasonably up-to-date with a few basic sound effects and recurring, and slightly annoying, bell to mark time up. The format is a standard picture round to start with a general theme. For the most part it is reasonably do-able with a couple of stinkers in there.

From then on it is reasonably formulaic, with a music round and general knowledge.

One differentiating round is an option to play bingo for a £100 prize. However this does come with an additional cost of £1 per play.

All in all, a not entirely wow factor quiz and the lack of group size limitations can make it a touch uneven. However, this is not to say it isn’t fun. The atmosphere and the environment make it an enjoyable evening.

The Old Frizzle, Sunday nights at 8pm. Entry £2.00

For its numerous and regular crowd this is the only quiz in town. This is the quiz lover’s quiz! It is deviously challenging with a great variety of games involved, yet a format that repeats itself weekly. The host is always amusing and there is a limit of 6 people per team, with point deductions for numbers of players over the limit. A sure-fire winner of a quiz in an establishment with a different from the norm range of wine and ales – but good fayre all the same.

The Alexandra, Monday nights. Entry FREE

Well the entry fee alone guarantees this is always a popular pub quiz and even with its vast amount of space, this pub is usually always packed. It is advisable to get there early to get a good seat. Whilst it remains a fun and jovial quiz, it can be a touch hard to hear at times. However – a good range of food and drinks means this is an enjoyable night in.

The Swan, Wednesday nights. Entry £2.00

Since their refurb, the Swan has become a far more attractive destination for the local clientele. They have branched out their offering to include a poker night on Mondays as well. The quiz night is run by Coconut Quizzes and is a fun affair. It is also notably quieter than some of the others listed here – giving the punter a much higher chance of winning. Prizes usually include a £50 bar tab for the winner and so they look to keep you coming back. Since the refurb this is not a bad thing.

The Dog and Fox, Sunday nights. Entry £2.00

Pretty much every Wimbledon dweller knows this pub and knows of its importance to the village around tennis time. The Sunday quiz here is a surprisingly raucous-affair, fuelled by a clientele that has enjoyed the best a Sunday has to offer. The lack of team size restrictions means that large groups can accumulate and enjoy the end of their weekend together. As a quiz, it was not overly adventurous but presented a fun challenge and the atmosphere was cracking.

So there you have it. A comprehensive covering of the 5 best quizzes, thoroughly reviewed. If you have a favourite quiz in or around SW London – do let the Wimbledon Gent know on Twitter: @WimbledonGent.

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Matthew Benwell

Dapper man-about-Wimbledon and rugby enthusiast Matthew (aka ‘Badger’) focuses on the life of a modern gent in SW London: trends, news and views with relevance and character, delivered with a sense of fun.

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