Kitchen Decor Inspiration For Summer

Kitchen Decor Inspiration For Summer

Posted by Helene Arentz | 23 June 2017 | Home & Garden

Have you ever experienced the frustration from having too many choices? When it comes to refurbishments and interiors that’s often the case.

Kitchens are no exception, and may be one of the most expensive investments for your home. We are afraid to make ‘wrong’ decisions, after all we will have to live with them for years.

So how do you find the ultimate solution for both functionality and style?

More than what style you are aiming for, or what look suits your home, a focus on materials and colours may be the most crucial to the outcome. Choosing the right material for every surface is always a good start, as well as having a plan to follow with your selected choices.

You can mix different materials as wood, stone, steel, glass, polished or matt, but it’s always good to have a proper plan for your project not to get lost. Always start with the basics and stick to your favourites. For example, if you always wanted a dark wooden floor, that will be your starting point.

I visited a brand new kitchen in Wimbledon, and looked into the choices for colours and materials. Natural light is a key word for every design task, and this kitchen shows a very clever use of light and surfaces to reflect.

Huge high gloss floor tiles in beige or cream creates a vision of comfortable grace, and makes a good base for any materials and colour. Light wood, a splash back in glass against a beautiful light beige kitchen top is simply stunning.

A combination of glossy, polished and matt in this kitchen creates playful light and reflections which make it all look very clean and fresh. To avoid giving off a cold atmosphere, heavy linen and natural fabrics are a good choice. The two chandeliers in this kitchen draw everything together. 

A contemporary, streamlined kitchen can easily be dressed up the way you want, you can go for a modern look and add minimalistic furniture, mix contemporary and old.

I hope you were inspired by this relaxed and aesthetic kitchen in Wimbledon – I certainly was.

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