Top 5 Tipples For Wimbledon Fortnight

Top 5 Tipples For Wimbledon Fortnight

Posted by Matthew Benwell | 29 June 2017 | Food & Drink, Wimbledon Gent

We’re in the midst of the greatest, and the most famous tennis tournament in the world. So far the summer has been something of a star rather than a damp squib. So, how does one keep cool amongst all the heat of the tournament without looking like an utter numpty?! In light of this, I look at the top 5 tipples for Wimbledon fortnight:

1 ) Pimm’s

Ah the classic summer tipple, and one which goes rather well with the strawberries and cream collective. Yet does one look cool drinking Pimm’s? Well if it is tipping it down with rain, one can look something of a plum – drinking it just to be “summery”. However on a glorious day, it does go down well and there is always the “I can eat the fruit after – that’s dinner right?” approach. A word of warning though – whilst it might taste fruitalicious, Pimm’s carries a potent punch, so go easy on those bad boys, or you can drink like my mother and replace the lemonade with champagne…

2 ) Cider

This is by far the most over-priced drink on the circuit right now. Pubs will charge you an eye-watering amount for a cold bottle of a brand name cider. It is also the most calorific drink for the most part. However, when you offer to buy an attractive someone a drink and they ask for a cider with ice, it just won’t do to appear to be penny-pinching. You don’t need that mortgage anyway…

3 ) Champagne

Whilst we are on the topic of  wallet-wacking let’s deal with champagne and other derivatives – such as prosecco. If you are looking to buy it at Wimbledon it is probably best to do it on the company account. It doesn’t come cheap, but when does it – so it’s not exactly a new thing. However, does one look cool whilst sipping on a flute? Well, in my opinion you have to look the part. If you look like it’s a new thing to be drinking it, as though it’s a special occasion, stop it. You are either comfortable drinking it or you are not. Also, don’t just grab a bottle to impress someone you are attracted to. – it’s not the Wimbledon way. Ask them what they would like to drink and get that. If that drink is champagne, at least you know they have expensive taste.

4 ) Beer

A standard tipple for the modern man – you can never go wrong with it. Now you just have to ask yourself whether you are a lager or a bitter man. However, let’s get one thing straight. This writer does not include hipster ales of 9% upwards as bitter beer. Bitter beer is ale and comes from a pump and is marvellous. It should also be between 3%-5%. You do not need to live in Shoreditch and look like an expensive tramp to drink it! There – rant over.

Now whether you drink bitter or lager, remember to drink like a gent. Don’t spend time guzzling pint after pint, and then violently swing at anyone. Keep it classy. This is Wimbledon.

5 ) Water

Yeah I said it – water.  Sparkling, still, cucumber flavoured , cold or warm. There is nothing worse than some fool who has imbibed too much during the tennis and is leering over all and sundry telling them how much money they earn, whilst spilling their drink over the shop. So don’t be that guy. Keep sober and make sure you drink water in-between alcoholic drinks. Also, keep rehydrated if the sun is out – it is vital for your health and the sanity of others.

So there you have it – my guide to staying cool during the Wimbledon championships. Yes – I am quite aware I haven’t included wine. I would have thought that any gent would know that wine is the staple of a classy drinker, and fits in anywhere. If there is something you like to drink at Wimbledon that is special to you, let me know.

Have a great tournament all!

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