Stunning Summer House Inspired By The Hamptons

Stunning Summer House Inspired By The Hamptons

Posted by Helene Arentz | 28 July 2017 | Home & Garden

Summer holidays are the best time to be inspired and gather some tips to bring back home. Either you are planning some changes in your home, dreaming of a summer house, or just fancy some colour inspiration – it’s easy to gather some decor tips when you’re travelling…

Healthy tapas

I have always been attracted to the Hamptons, New York. Never been there, but love the characteristic east coast look inspired by white sand, rattan furniture, natural colours with a coastal colour scheme.  You are guaranteed a fresh look with the injection of red, white and blue.

Living room

Bring in straw, shell and faded elements as decoration to give your home a coastal look. Fresh blue and white stripes combined with white wood panelled walls and a sisal rug are a perfect example of how to get the design in your own home.

Sitting area

By using a white IKEA sofa, IKEA rugs and some painted inherited vintage furniture, I have created this cosy summer place inspired by The Hamptons iconic interiors.

Enjoy your summer!

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Scandinavian interior designer Helene is a doyenne of creative home transformation, pairing personality and atmosphere with beautiful functionality. This is her inside story…

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