Bathroom Update Essentials

Bathroom Update Essentials

Posted by Helene Arentz | 10 September 2017 | Home & Garden, Magazine

The bathroom is the first place to head to in the morning, and it’s also the last place to visit before bed. How long we spend in this room varies of course; sometimes a quick shower, sometimes a long bath in the evening.

It’s an important room to make yourself feel comfortable in, but the bathroom is also said to be the most expensive room to refurbish – maybe in competition with the kitchen.

If you are planning a new bathroom, how do you decide on the look, material, products and colour?

  1. As part of a whole house, the bathroom should ideally fit in with the rest. That said, there’s no reason not to bring in a wow-factor if that suits your style.
  2. Keep the colours down to a few, three is a good number. Instead of too many colours, make contrasts with rustic against glossy white.
  3. Go for timeless products, and do not look too much at current trends. Your bathroom should be a good place to be in a few years time as well as now.
  4. Stick to natural materials or traditional patterns, they are always up to date. Start with deciding on your favourite colour and go from there.
  5. If you are lucky enough to have space for a bathtub, why not make it a centre piece?
  6. Update your bathroom with a chair or stool if possible, and even a little rug instead of a bare floor towel is a hot option.
  7. Display luxury soaps in a special tray or bowl.
  8. Get some eye catching towels that fit in with the colour scheme or patterns.


Essential bathroom kit ideas


Written by Helene Arentz

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Helene Arentz
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