Bedside Story

Bedside Story

Posted by Helene Arentz | 17 September 2017 | Home & Garden, Magazine

Your private castle, your bedroom. Not the room you need to style to impress the neighbour or friends, just a space no one really sees but yourself and your nearest. Nevertheless, the absolute best space to create a stunning, relaxing, personal look for yourself.

As the size of the bedroom normally is quite limited, it’s not the biggest or most overwhelming and expensive project to undertake… You need a bed (!), a side table or two, a chair and.. thats it!
Here are some simple tips to consider if you’d like to make some changes, and meet the autumn with a fresh feel.
A head board is first and foremost to make it comfortable to sit up whilst reading or having a morning coffee in bed, but it’s also a stylish way to frame the bed. You can have any shape, thickness and colour you like.
A wall behind the bed could also be in a bold colour to accent the rest of the walls. Normally I’m not too keen on one wall coloured – still I think it can work well in a bedroom behind the bed.

Josephine Home – Home and Garden Festival London

Hotel cushions. Huge cushions can be added to a headboard, but can also be a good solution if you do not have a headboard behind your bed.

Side table. Oh yes, you’ll need a side table you adore. Old, new, white, coloured… you just have to love it, or leave it! A side table can really make an impact, maybe time for a change, or does it just need some paint? A stylish side table makes the room more interesting for sure.

Josephine Home – Home and Garden Festival London

Lighting. Good light is a must, and it helps us create a certain style. I love the detail with the golden shade picking up a little golden detail on the table. Stunning!

Bed linen! When it comes to bed linen, I’m quite strict. I like it white! End of discussion… well, my family may not agree, but now and then I see them pick the white one themselves, amongst the other colours in our cabinets.. It’s just something about the crisp and fresh look, and it makes it very easy to mix and match between different designs when a cushion cover turns pink in the washing after a red sock sneaked in.

Items like personal photos, your book and your favourite magazines makes it cosy and relaxed, and some flowers can add a luxurious feel to your little castle.

Sleep well!

Written by Helene Arentz

Instagram: @hainteriordesign
Twitter: @ArentzHelene
Facebook: @hainteriordesign

Helene Arentz
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Helene Arentz

Scandinavian interior designer Helene is a doyenne of creative home transformation, pairing personality and atmosphere with beautiful functionality. This is her inside story…

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