How To Decorate Your Table For Afternoon Tea

How To Decorate Your Table For Afternoon Tea

Posted by Helene Arentz | 15 October 2017 | Home & Garden, Magazine

Take onboard some of this inspiration and make your own stylish afternoon tea for friends, kids or family.

Mix and match for an interesting table of colours by using various types of china.

Photo credit: Monica Hellem Photography

Even the most simple food looks interesting when displayed in a delicate glass bell, or on different plates and

Photo credit: Monica Hellem Photography

Add avocado cucumber on Philadelphia cheese, and decorate with figs. This simple addition makes it look amazing and it tastes fantastic.

Photo credit: Monica Hellem Photography

If you buy the cake instead of making it yourself, just add some extra fruit for decoration like we did.

Photo credit: Monica Hellem Photography

Various types of tea is a must, served in grandma’s old tea pot perhaps?

Photo credit: Monica Hellem Photography

Flowers can be any type, found in the garden, or a bouquet you buy and share between different types of vases.

Use a colourful table cloth if you have one, the more colours the better. Some extra cushions around the table will do.

Photo credit: Monica Hellem Photography

This can all be done within an hour, so you can enjoy the party!

Written by Helene Arentz

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