Feel Calm With Lavender

Feel Calm With Lavender

Posted by Flora Firth | 31 July 2018 | Health & Fitness, Home & Garden, Magazine

Lovely Lavender, with its pretty purple blossoms, is known for its ‘soothe your senses’ properties. Here are three ways lavender can help you to feel calm…

Boost wellbeing with a spot of gardening & grow your own lavender…

Lavender (Lavandula) is an easy to grow evergreen shrub that produces masses of beautifully scented flowers above green or silvery-grey foliage.

Lavender doesn’t need a huge outdoor area to start planting and is quite happy in pots on a windowsill or balcony. It loves drought, as it originated from Arabic countries, so is easy to care for.

You’ll be caring for the bees too – they love lavender in bloom!

Ease stress with lavender…

Lavender is known as a calming and relaxing herb. A gentle stroll through a field filled with lavender for as far as the eye can see was calming for me.

You can also try inhaling the scent of lavender to help calm the mind and relax the body quickly.

Drift off to dreamland with lavender…

The scent of lavender is calming and is often used as a natural aid to sleep. The scent can increase the time you spend in deep sleep, helping you to wake up feeling refreshed.

To help you drift off to dreamland, put a little lavender under your pillow, or a bunch next to your bed.

Picture yourself here, too…

Escape the city and feel transported to Provence! This stunning lavender field is at Mayfield Lavender Farm and 30 minutes by car from Wimbledon. The scent was divine, the scenery was gorgeous so I just had to get a few photos!

Written by Flora Firth
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Flora Firth
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Flora Firth

Flora is on her wellness journey and hopes to encourage you to join her. She’s proud to be voicing the importance of mind health in a world where we’re striving for unrealistic perfection.

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