Surprises Are Good For You!

Surprises Are Good For You!

Posted by Flora Firth | 24 August 2018 | Health & Fitness, Magazine

Love them or hate them, research reveals that surprises are good for you. This weekend, give your friend or loved one a feel-good glow with a surprise.

Surprise is our instant reaction whenever we face something unexpected. Here are some key ways pleasant surprise boosts our wellbeing…

Surprise Boosts Memory

You’re more likely to remember a surprising experience than an expected one. This is why you remember vivid details about exciting childhood experiences (like Christmas morning), but sometimes struggle to remember things you did last week.

Try this: get a group together and surprise them with – tickets to an event, a bottle of Champagne or an ice cream sundae making session.

Pleasant Surprises Make Us Happier

The pleasure centres of our brains are more active when we experience surprising positive moments compared to positive moments that we expect to happen. This is why we tend to feel so much happier when someone spontaneously gives us a gift, when we win something, or when there’s a sunny day after weeks of rain.

Try this: treat a friend to something that’ll brighten up their mood and their home – think of flowers, candles, pottery, artwork.

Surprise Is The Spice Of Life

Surprise adds spark to your relationships. When you’ve been with someone for years, it’s easy to fall into daily habits that leave you feeling bored with your relationship. Taking time to surprise your partner by doing new activities together brings back the excitement you felt in the early days of your relationship when everything was new and fun.

Try this: indulge the person you are in a relationship with to something beautiful and unexpected – a thoughtful gift, breakfast in bed or a bunch of flowers.

Written by Flora Firth
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Flora Firth
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Flora Firth

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