Top 7 Best Christmas Traditions

Top 7 Best Christmas Traditions

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 24 November 2018 | Arts & Culture, Magazine

Christmas traditions are what make this festive season so special for us. Whether they’re as old as time or passed down through the generations the act of coming together to enjoy these traditions is what makes Christmas. Here are our top 7 favourites.


Hanging stockings over the fireplace, or leaving them under the Christmas tree, is one of the oldest Christmas traditions going back to the legend of Saint Nicholas. Whilst the history behind it may vary it continues to be a wonderful tradition. Perhaps for next year you could make your own stocking using materials, clothes you no longer need?

Need ideas for stockings this year? Read this blog.

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Advent Calendar

Dating back to the 5th Century, stemming from the Latin ‘adventus’ – which means ‘coming’, this tradition is observed by many, across a series of religions, ethnicities and nationalities. It’s that wonderful countdown till the final day and what pleasure we get from waking up each day knowing there’s a little treat awaiting us.

Christmas Crackers

A British sweet-maker by the name of Tom Smith first invented what we now know to be the modern-day Christmas cracker. From the slight bang when the cracker pops, to the silly joke, colourful paper-hats and wondering just what on earth you’ll do with a paper clip Christmas crackers have come a long way since the 1840s. Yet, it is one of the best bits about sitting down at the table on Christmas Day.

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Christmas Carols

This heartwarming Christmas tradition is only observed by 2% of us according to some studies yet they hold the very essence of bringing us together, especially during a time that can be very lonely. Churches and choir groups usually organise Christmas carolling. If not you could always print out a few music sheets and gather the family for a little Christmas Eve fun.

Let’s help make Christmas a little less lonely.

Set The Table

The anticipation before sitting down to enjoy a beautiful Christmas Day meal is like none other. From rustic tables, to finely and strategically planned table settings, the stress of worrying about who’s sitting where soon flies out the window once the family has sat down to eat, together.

Why not plan your table setting in advance? Or ask the little ones for their input?

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Christmas Presents

Whether you’re celebrating with children or they’re all grown up there is nothing quite as breathtaking as seeing a loved ones face on Christmas day as they take in all the presents under the tree. Even more so if you’ve taken the time to chose a personalised gift and wrapped it yourself. The idea of gift-giving apparently dates back to the three kings who brought gifts to baby Jesus as offerings for the newborn.

Read this blog for inspiration and have fun wrapping your presents.

Boxing Day

Boxing Day is most well known for the incredible discounts, offers and savings that retail stores offer. But did you know that historically Boxing Day was the day servants had a day off and their masters would gift them with a present? Nowadays, we are more likely to stay at home and enjoy the post-Christmas feeling. Perhaps, make a pie or two made out of the left-over turkey and trimmings. Enjoy the last of the festive season entertainment online.

Unfortunately, there are some who won’t be able to experience the happiness we feel at Christmas. Have you thought of donating to a charity, food bank or homeless shelter? Give the gift of joy this Christmas to someone in need and create a new family tradition.

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