Wimbledon’s Best Holiday Gift Wrapping

Wimbledon’s Best Holiday Gift Wrapping

Posted by Janie Smith | 10 December 2018 | Arts & Culture, Magazine

On this beautiful autumnal day of Christmas, Wimbledon Gave To Me, 10 fabulous ways to wrap up my Christmas gifts!

When it comes to the least popular jobs to be done at Christmas in our house it has always been the wrapping of gifts that we’ve all tried to avoid. However, being creative with how we package our carefully chosen gifts can be a huge amount of festive fun. Children in the family help really bring home the true Christmas spirit. I’ve put together some inspirational ideas to help you enjoy the experience too!

1. Do the Strictly Sparkle! Be inspired by the glitter and sequins of Strictly. Some PVA Glue and a sequin/glitter stash can really upgrade the look of your simply wrapped gift. If you aren’t hugely creative swirl your glue in random lines or dots and attach your glittery bits. If you are feeling like a creative genius, why not highlight some of the patternings on your gift wrap? Always wrap the gift first in tissue paper, then your wrapping paper before you start your gluey adventure!

2. Make an easy gift box to house your smaller gifts. A beautiful handmade box means that your gift is safely housed within and won’t get lost under the Christmas tree, plus, the box always adds value and disguises the shape of your gift. Create with beautiful bright heavyweight paper or lightweight card. Decorate to your heart’s content. Switch it up a level by wrapping with a lovely ribbon and tag made from the paper/card you used for the box.

3. Thumb Print Reindeer Paper is a lovely one for the children to do. It will melt the hearts of anyone who receives a gift wrapped in this gorgeous handmade paper. Just grab some plain paper, a thumb, ink or acrylic paint, some little red pompons and a black felt tip pen.

4. Make a cracker and be mindful! We aren’t talking toilet roll tubes here! I have found a beautiful tutorial with downloadable pdf for you to colour in and turn into a stunning cracker. Perfect to help you be mindful amidst the chaos that is Christmas!

5. Go rustic with brown kraft paper which is as cheap as chips and comes on long rolls. Give the children a couple of Christmas stamps and an ink pad in seasonal colours and let them go crazy! If your inner adult can’t let them have free reign why not do your own with perhaps a black or plum ink and carefully placed stamping!

6. Make a simple paper bag to disguise hard to wrap gifts! Some gifts are just so difficult to wrap nicely or without giving the game away. Making a simple bag which you can decorate as you please is a clever move!

7. Make a candy cane sleigh parcel! This has a serious wow factor. Who’d have thought you could use candy canes as sleigh rails? Candy canes also make for a great print on parcel paper which can be jazzed up with glitter or holographic pens.

8. Create fancy fold gift card holders to stop your gift cards looking boring! If you are short of time simply use some lovely Christmas stamps to decorate. If you have a little more time then why not create a handmade envelope to house your gift? There are lots of easy tutorials online.

9. If all else fails, there’s always the option to use a wrapping service. This year in Wimbledon, The Wimbledon Guild will be offering a wrapping service in Centre Court to raise much-needed funds for their charity work.

10. Your local department store or shopping centre will be offering wrapping services too, to help the time poor this season. In Wimbledon, it is worth checking out Ely’s throughout December.

Get yourself a glass of something cheery, pop on a cheesy Christmas film and get wrapping!

Remember that you can finish or decorate your gifts however you want. Creativity comes from your own Christmas spirit!

Happy wrapping! #CultureQueen

Written by Janie Smith

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