Reading Through The Month Of Love

Reading Through The Month Of Love

Posted by Janie Smith | 5 January 2019 | Arts & Culture, Magazine

February is the month of love, (and pancakes) so in this blog post, I have focused on some great reads for you, your friends, your mum and even your daughter. Every book has been carefully chosen to celebrate all the different kinds of love in our lives. I hope you get engrossed in them as much as I did. I would love to hear what you think in the comments below … let’s get our virtual book club hot with all that love out there!

1. Good Vibes, Good Life; How Self Love is the Key to Loving Yourself by Vex King

This book tops this month’s list because I truly believe that the first person you should ever love is yourself but many of us struggle with this. Vex King’s wisdom-packed book is the first I have found that really does what it says on the tin! You will learn how to love yourself and thrive. The author skillfully guides the reader and changes how they think, speak, feel and act to live the love-filled life that they deserve.

2. The Story of Our Lives by Helen Warner

“One story dominated the 31st August 1997……Diana, Princess of Wales died in a car crash in Paris”

Every year on Diana’s anniversary four friends meet up for a short break in a beautiful cottage in Suffolk. This wonderful emotional read explores deep friendships as it twists and turns until a long-buried secret rears its head and reveals the histories we all share.

This is the perfect book for a snuggled up to read or as a gift for your best friends. I found it absolutely compelling.

3. Shakespeare’s Sonnets Retold by William Shakespeare and James Anthony. Forward by Stephen Fry

Shall I compare you to a summer’s day? You’re more delightful, always shining strong; High winds blow hard on flowering buds in May, And summer never seems to last that long…

They don’t call me #CultureQueen for nothing but in my humble opinion, Shakespeare wrote some of the most romantic poetry ever. For many though the thought of working one’s way through the oftentimes difficult Elizabethan language, can make them seem inaccessible.

James Anthony’s bold work results in the greatest love poetry magically translated into modern language. Read your way through this stunningly presented book and experience the eternal romance of Shakespeare.

A beautiful read for yourself or a gift for the love of your life.

4. Whitechapel Lass by Lilly Adam

Set in Victorian Whitechapel and later Reigate, Lilly Adam expertly weaves the tale of Ruby and her life. Living in poverty Ruby plans to rescue her ailing mother and get her to the country. When events do not turn out as expected she has to face consequences that will shape the rest of her life. Whilst facing class barriers and cruel enemies set out to destroy her happiness, Ruby disappears leaving her infant daughter behind and her distraught husband believing she is dead. During his search for her, he uncovers much more than he set out to find.

This story of enduring love had me from the first page. Beautifully written and thoroughly engaging this is a definite must-read.

5. Just Between Us – A Mother and Daughters No Stress, No Rules Journal by Meredith Jacobs

Strictly speaking, this book isn’t ready to read yet! Why? Because it is a journal for mums and daughters to record and share their unique story of love for each other. I adore this gorgeous journal and it is equally suitable for mums with daughters of any age. A Grandmother and Granddaughter version is also available. February is the perfect month to begin recording your wonderful journey and create a book full of your own precious memories.

I do hope you enjoy this month’s choices. I can’t wait to hear what you think in the comments below.

Happy Reading

Written by Janie Smith

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