Tennis Match Make-up: How to Glow on Court

Tennis Match Make-up: How to Glow on Court

Posted by Arif Isikgun | 3 July 2019 | Beauty, Style & Beauty

We all look at sports personalities and become enamoured with the dedication and drive that each one embodies in showcasing their professional skills. Glamour is something we sometimes don’t connect with certain sports, especially if they involve physical effort, perspiration or additional glow (aka blood, sweat and tears). However, one game that definitely brings a level of player glamour and mystique is a sport embedded in British culture: tennis.

And this level of glamour is surely never more apparent than at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships. The masses flock to see the iconic tournament – the wins, the losses and the near-misses. On these hallowed courts, history is made and recorded. And more so now than ever, the pressure is on for competitors to look a certain way; with the advent of social media, pictures are circulated easily and quickly, and creating and maintaining a personal brand image is paramount.

Looks can be deceiving and whilst we assume that a flawless face is due to impeccable make-up application we are not always right – there is more to looking effortlessly chic than what meets the eye. Here are my top hints and tips on how to glow on court – whether you’re playing or watching, we can all achieve a unique, fresh and long-lasting look.

Skincare For A Refreshed Finish

“When the skin looks good, everything looks good” – one ethos I strictly adhere too. Using a hydrating serum underneath your usual moisturiser will help to plump the skin and give a certain level of freshness to any look.

Fake Tan For A Sun-Kissed Look

Another wonderful way of flattering the complexion without makeup is to unify it. We can unify the skin in multiple ways but one of the easiest solutions is to use a faux tan – purposely designed for use on the face. Always exfoliate the skin before using tan. This ensures the finish is seamless and without patches, as most foundations or bases fade or go patchy throughout the day through general wear and tear. The most valuable point of having this type of base is the ease of using foundation in a way that is light and natural, but gives a more flawless and waterproof finish than full coverage.

Mattifying Makeover

To add more security to the longevity of your makeup, always set with a matte powder. This will not only seal the finish but also act as an ‘excess oil absorber,’ full proofing your standing power and slowing down that annoying shine that is a result of too much heat. If you feel that your skin is usually prone to pesky oily patches, you can always opt for a light veil of matte primer to give additional lock to your base.  Be warned that a finish that is too matte can become ageing and doesn’t draw attention to your youthful glow.

Whether playing on Centre Court or partaking in the thrilling ride that is watching the match, rest assured you can be Wimbledon-ready by taking these simple steps; flawless in any situation.

Written By: Beauty Editor Arif Isikgun

Facebook: @AIBeautyConsultancy
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Arif Isikgun
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