The Artist Documenting the Dog Days of Wimbledon

The Artist Documenting the Dog Days of Wimbledon

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 22 September 2019 | Arts & Culture, Events & Invites, What's On

Don’t miss your chance to see local artist Katharine Le Hardy’s amazing record of the last moments of Wimbledon’s historic dog track as it makes way for a brand new stadium for AFC Wimbledon, on now at the Northcote Gallery in Battersea.

Wimbledon artist, Katharine Le Hardy, is fascinated by structure, architecture and, most-importantly, documenting it in this fast-paced time of change in London. Her paintings record the closure of London’s last iconic dog track – Wimbledon – in colourful and expressive strokes.

Katharine Le Hardy - Dog Days art exhibition

‘Blue Bell’, Oil on Panel | Katharine Le Hardy


Since Spring 2018, Katharine has focused her fascination on the iconic Wimbledon Dog Track, which in March 2017 ran its last race and has since undergone demolition to make way for 600 new homes and a state-of-the-art AFC Wimbledon Stadium. 

Located on Plough Lane in South West London, the Wimbledon Dog Track opened in 1928 and was the last greyhound-racing stadium in London. Katharine, who has been part of an ever-growing artist community located just behind the site in Garratt Business Park for 15 years, felt it was key that this historical change in the local area was documented. 

Katharine in her Wimbledon studio


“I can actually see the stadium from my studio window. Watching large sections of it being dismantled and taking on new forms as each layer of the building is stripped back to its bare bones has given me a whole different perspective on the scale and historical significance of this place.” 

After being granted exclusive access to the site by Galliard Homes, the developers in charge of the site, Katharine created a collection of images on multiple visits to the stadium, which span the many stages of deconstruction. 

'Benson Express' Oil on Panel | Katharine Le Hardy

‘Benson Express’, Oil on Board | Katharine Le Hardy


“The vulnerability of a building reduced down to its naked shell has allowed me to capture moments which really highlight the passage of time and has provided me with a wealth of imagery from which to work from.” 

Katharine Le Hardy - Dog Days exhibition

‘Alittlelessslip’, Oil on Panel | Katharine Le Hardy


Back in the studio, Katharine has taken these images and created a body of work that documents and records the final stages of the life of Wimbledon Dog Track. In homage to a bygone era, each work is named after a dog that raced there. Katharine’s long-standing connection to the site and need to explore the change of its existence is apparent through her sensitive depiction of the stadium. 

What: Dog Days: Katharine Le Hardy’s latest exhibition
When: Until 6th October 2019
Where: Northcote Gallery, 110 Northcote Road, London SW11 6QP
For more information, visit Northcote Gallery or

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