Cheering Up Your Home & Garden

Cheering Up Your Home & Garden

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 30 March 2020 | Home & Garden

This is a good time to appreciate nature. Horticultural expert Claire shares her five top tips to get your garden growing…

As the current UK situation with Covid-19 progresses, many of us will find ourselves in an unusual situation – “working from home”. Once the novelty wears off, and the weather improves you may want to take your laptop outside and work in your garden. It’s also likely that right now your garden may be looking a little sleepy as it slowly wakes up for Spring. Below, I give 5 tips or activities you can do now to get into the garden and hopefully inspire you to get your hands dirty.


1. Bulbs

Its not too late to plant summer bulbs. These can bring a real fizz of colour into your garden. From Dahlia’s to Gladiolus and Lilies. You can generally plant bulbs directly into the ground or create an array of lovely colourful container displays.

2. Grow – Your – Own

There is nothing better than homegrown vegetables, and while some may take longer to grow, there are some really easy “quick wins”. Spring onions, lettuce, beetroot, radish, carrots, strawberries and herbs are all really easy to get going. The herbs would be better bought as plants, Sage and Rosemary will also attract the important pollinators to your garden. You can also buy “plug plants”. These tend to be vegetables like cabbage, kale, leeks, peppers. Also grow your own cut flowers! So easy and great to have in the house.

3. Create Your “Gin & Tonic” Corner

Gardens should be a place to relax. Find that warm quiet corner. Add a nice table and chair, or a lounger. Some scented plants, or tall grasses that give that lovely gentle rustling when a light breeze comes through. Nb. Also a morning coffee corner! Time out, when you can’t really go out is important.

4. Houseplants

Not everyone has a garden, so houseplants can be beneficial to your home and mental health. Most are very easy to look after and can add a lovely flash of nature really quickly. Research has shown that a number of houseplants help purify the air and if you are going to be inside more than normal, then this can be helpful.


5. Join A Gardening Community

Finally, social media is a great way for connecting with the gardening community. There are some fantastic podcasts, Instagram accounts and Twitter feeds. Many are having photo sharing threads, “sow-a-longs” and are of course a good way of staying in touch with people. Inspire children with a kids gardening podcast.

Delivered To Your Home

All the links below are places that will deliver to your home. The local garden centres are all still currently open of visitors though do check with them individually as circumstances are changing daily. Some will deliver, some who usually don’t may start to. If you have a gardener, they will likely have access to professional plants nurseries and can likely buy plants for you with trade prices.

Local to the area are:


Chessington Garden Centre

Garsons Farm

Court Farm

Written by: Claire Vokins | Contributor

If you would like any advice for your garden, or fancy getting a veg patch going, do get in contact.

Twitter: @ECGardeningLtd
Phone: 07711252905


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