2 February 2024
Gift the Ever-Lasting Valentines Flowers

Think of Valentine’s day and you’ll automatically think of cards, chocolates and bunches of flowers. There's no doubt that a bouquet always makes an impression, but is there an alternative...

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1 February 2024
Things You Need to Know About Your Home’s Pathway Lights

In the grand scheme of home illumination, pathway lights are like the understated commas in a powerful sentence — unnoticed if absent but pivotal in defining the thought. They're the...

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1 February 2024
Importance of Hiring a Fencing Contractor

When it comes to safeguarding your property, defining boundaries, or enhancing your place's aesthetics, fencing is an essential aspect of any homeowner or business owner's checklist. Yet, between the endless...

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1 February 2024
Lawn Care Tips and Tricks for the Winter Season

As winter rolls in and the vibrant greens of summer give way to cooler hues, your lawn requires different attention. The impending frost and less intense sunlight place unique demands...

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8 November 2023
5 Tips To Keep Your Garden Blooming During Winter

As the last of autumn's leaves fall and the landscape dons its wintry whites, you might think your gardening efforts should go into hibernation. But wait - your green thumb...

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15 April 2021
The Power of Gardening for Women

Gardening has so many wonderful facets that harmonise with us women.  Cultivating the earth, planting a seed, watching it grow and then blossom into something beautiful is a glorious similitude...

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1 April 2021
The Luxury Outdoor Party for 6 – Mrs Teepee

What better way to welcome the returning sun this year and celebrate reuniting with old friends and loved ones than a classic outdoor picnic...

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5 February 2021
Planting Tulips for Spring

 Whilst it may be quite late in the season for planting Tulips, all is not lost. You can still plant bulbs now for some later Spring colour!  Down here in...

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22 January 2021
Finding peace and mindfulness in our own back garden.

Even in winter, get out and have a wander around the garden , especially if there’s a bit of sunshine . It takes you away from the chaos of life...

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20 November 2020
How to Create the Perfect Winter Garden

What better way to brighten up this chilly season than with a sensational Winter Garden... Winter can be a difficult time for our gardens - it's colder, darker and there's...

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