Help Local Teen Hit His Target For Dons Local Action Group

Help Local Teen Hit His Target For Dons Local Action Group

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 20 August 2020 | Arts & Culture, Community Spirit, Health & Fitness

Meet Morgen Brits: a local teenager who volunteers for the Dons Local Action Group. Morgen decided that he wanted to do more to help and as a keen cyclist, decided to raise money by cycling. Be the one who helps Morgen achieve his goal of £2,500 and join the mission to help care for those in need.

Morgen Brits started his journey of giving back to the community at the beginning of the lockdown by volunteering with the Dons Local Action Group (DLAG) run by AFC Wimbledon Foundation. Morgen helped to collect food outside of supermarkets; packed weekly food hampers; delivered supplies to volunteers distributing boxes to clients and even reprogrammed donated computers for school children to use for online learning.

Morgen Brits riding his bike passing by the Thames river

DLAG is an organisation that has given hope to the less fortunate by showing them that someone cared and ended up making a huge difference to their lives during these hard times. Morgen went further and decided that he wanted to do more to help and as a keen cyclist, decided to raise money by cycling. As his first attempt, he cycled from Plough Lane, the new home of The Dons, to a Sikh Gurdwara in Slough as they have donated huge amounts of fresh fruit and vegetables for the DLAG to distribute. He managed to cycle 25.7 miles in 3h49min, and as expected he was exhausted but his big heart made him go further and further.

Morgen Brits riding his bike crossing the River Thames

For this volunteering project, Morgen set a target of £2,500 and in 7 days raised over £2,000. As a very passionate person, all he wants is to be able to change the outcomes for other people and hopefully see his hard work materialised by helping other people. Now Morgen needs a little help from the community to reach his goal, for which he would be grateful if anyone would be willing to support the vital work of the Dons Local Action Group in Merton, Wandsworth and Kingston.

Morgen Brits after arriving in Slough

It would be wonderful if you could contribute with money, but if not, there is always the chance to come along to DLAG and donate your time by volunteering. By doing this you will be joining an incredibly special and loving family, and it will be quite gratifying to see how you can impact someones life just by giving a few brief moments of your life or a few pounds to help them out.

Morgen Brits after cycling to Slough



Morgan Brits Just Giving Page:
The Dons Local Action Group:
AFC Wimbledon Foundation Facebook: @afcwimbledon

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