Dog Trainers In Wimbledon Area

Dog Trainers In Wimbledon Area

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 12 September 2020 | Community Spirit, Wimbledon Gent

In the last few months, many families have brought home a new puppy. Are you one of them? Or does your dog have some behavioural issues? Here below are some of the best dog trainers in Wimbledon area who are willing to help you and your dog get on track for a beautiful and harmonious life together.

Adventure Paws Training

Credit: Adventure Paws Training

  1. Adventure Paws Training

Want to help your new puppy grow into a happy, well-mannered, sociable dog? Improve a problem behaviour? Or teach your pooch some new tricks? It is time for Adventure Paws Training. Lottie, a fully accredited and certified trainer, will teach you and your pawesome family member using positive, ethical and scientifically-sound training techniques. You will be surprised what you can do when you know how.

So, are you ready to get started? 1-2-1 training session or small group puppy classes online or in-person are available.

Phone number:

Facebook: @adventurepawstraining


Dog Training Planet

Credit: Dog Training Planet

  1. Dog Training Planet

With over 35 years of experience in dog training and solving dog’s behavioural issues, James, a professional dog trainer instructor and consultant behaviourist, is the perfect person to call. His aim is not only to train dogs, but also to teach people how to effectively train their puppies. Thanks to his academical network, James receives the latest updates in studies on dog’s cognition, behaviour and physiology.

Contact Dog Training Planet to check their reasonable prices and book their 1-2-1 sessions for your duty or pet dog.

Phone number:
07724 776698

Facebook: @DogTraininginLondonuk
DogTraining Planet


Merton Dog Training

Credit: Merton Dog Training

  1. Merton Dog Training

Run by Tanya and Lucy, Merton Dog Training offers fun and friendly classes in a private field in Morden (SM4) and 1-2-1 sessions. Their motivational, positive and fun reward-based trainings are open to all dogs of all ages, breeds and behavioural issues, as well as rescues.

Tanya and Lucy have over 26 years of dog training experience between them, in obedience, behaviour and fun agility. They also have a great success rate with clients coming back with their new dogs.

Facebook: @MertonDogTraining
Phone Number:
07732 357319

Wimbledon SuperDogs

Credit: Wimbledon SuperDogs

  1. Wimbledon SuperDogs

A variety of training courses based on your dog’s needs can be found at Wimbledon SuperDogs. The team provides enjoyable 1-2-1 puppy courses, both indoors and outdoors, as well as online puppy trainings. Wimbledon SuperDogs offers also dog walking and a grooming service.

Phone number:
07510 309081

Facebook: @TrainingSuperdogs



Credit: DogStroll

  1. DogStroll

In a secure place surrounded by the nature, your puppies and your older dogs can enjoy many different activities, including dog walks and basic training. The high-quality services provided by the team and the unique location are some of the reasons why DogStroll is such a renowned doggy daycare in South West London.

Phone number:
0203 514 0093

Facebook: @dogstrollphotography

Lady Wimbledon with her new puppy

Credit: Lady Wimbledon

Written By: Jessica Cesana | Content Editor 

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