StreetCube: The Great Sustainable Organic Market

StreetCube: The Great Sustainable Organic Market

‘Good food doesn’t have to cost the earth’- StreetCube in Wandsworth is a sustainable weekend street market specialising in seasonal local produce and with zero plastic and zero waste; the perfect way to be good to yourself and the planet! Find out all about it as we ask Pascal Gerrand the founder of this fantastic street gastronomy to tell us some more….

The market opens every Friday at 10:00am through to 5pm and the same on Saturday and Sunday.

“The problem I found was that our towns and cities all looked the same when it comes to the High Street. Global junk chains and massive supermarket brands dominate the spaces, where the food on offer is cheap, mass produced, grown artificially using chemicals and pesticides in most cases.”

Sustainable Chef and Consultant Pascal Gerrard started the project after his daughter developed coeliac disease soon after she was born. After realising that the majority of people suffer with her diet related health condition or others, Pascal felt it was time to take action.

StreetCube was developed to help tackle a broken industrial food system, and to help everyone have access to organic, locally grown, seasonal ingredients free from plastic and without waste so that all children can have access to nutrition in our city centres, “In my opinion everybody deserves the right to access good healthy organic nutrition” he adds –  “I wanted to develop StreetCube, a 10 foot solar powered semipermanent Street kitchen built from a 10 foot container with Living Walls and herbs growing up one side. It’s offering a safe and secure platform where a chef can perform to an audience, helping to nourish young children and families with food that everyone can afford.”

The great sustainable organic market grew up alongside StreetCube in order to support the overall sustainable food ethos.



England is currently less than 2% organic at this time, and Gerrard would like that to become a much higher figure! He’s thereby inviting as many artisan all organic producers and growers and farmers to join them on weekends as he possibly can – StreetCube invite up to 15 organic sustainable farmers and producers each weekend.  The market offers everything from organic cheese, fruit and vegetables, bread – even vegan candles!

But it doesn’t stop there, it’s always changing. For example, there’s award winning organic cider from Dowding’s Farm in Somerset, organic artisan bread from nearby The Greenery Natural Kitchen, also delicious sustainable Paella from La Paella Paella. Each kitchen serves its own menu and style, ranging from organic Lebanese, to sustainable Thai and every week our chefs are joined by several others, such as Mavish Turkish food for example – delicious organic flat-bread toasted sandwiches; just to die for! The Piazza is located on Wandsworth High Street, along the one-way system which is soon to be completely pedestrianised. Parked right in front of SouthSide shopping centre.

Credit: Insta @Streetcubewandsworth


You never know who’s coming to the market, but even the Mayor of Wandsworth can be seen shopping here most weekends, Jane Cooper is a huge fan of the project, so much so that she came to officially launch the initiative in June this year, and has been back almost every weekend since.

Social distancing seating and space to move around outside is also proving a big hit, as people feel safer outside, the StreetCube kitchens offer additional safety as the chefs are inside their special kitchens which open directly to the Street.

Credit: Pascal Gerrard ‘Sheng Cai Bao’


Gerrard has suggested some of his favourite kitchens to visit “Some of the ones to look out for are Sheng Cai Bao, a Taiwanese expert chef, also Tinies Vehan Tacos, Harlem 2 Manila Malaysian cuisine and our very own StreetCubes.” Pop down to Wandsworth and give your body a much needed, deliciously healthy boost – all for a good, sustainable price!

27 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3AX

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Written By: Hannah Ablett | Content Editor 

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