5 Tips for Caring for Pearls and Retaining Their Timeless Appearance

5 Tips for Caring for Pearls and Retaining Their Timeless Appearance

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 12 December 2021 | Fashion

When it comes to completing an outfit, jewellery is the best way to go. This is a type of accessory which you can find in many shapes, colours and sizes, all of which can add a touch of flair and vibrancy to both casual and formal looks. Out of the various styles available, pearls are often the favourite choice among fashionistas.

In general, pearls are regarded as one of the most precious gemstones that symbolise femininity, sophistication and elegance. Whether they come in the form of a necklace, stud earrings or bracelets, pearl jewelry is an excellent way to make a strong fashion statement wherever you go.

But because of their timeless appearance, it is essential that they are well cared for in order to retain their uniqueness and luster for years to come.

In this post, we share four tips on how to properly clean and care for your pearls.

Remember the last on, first off rule

The last on, first off rule is probably the most important thing every pearl lover needs to remember about this gemstone. The rule states that you should always put your pearl jewellery on last when dressing up and take them off first when undressing.

This is mainly because pearls are such a sensitive type of jewellery and cannot be mixed with any skin lotions, perfumes or hairspray. Otherwise, the chemicals in these cosmetics can dramatically affect the luster of the pearls, ruining their timeless appearance.

Therefore, remember to put them on at least 30 minutes after applying any beauty care products and take them off before going to bed.

Store them properly

Storing your pearls properly is another important thing you need to know when caring for this precious gemstone. It is crucial that you avoid storing your pearl jewellery in plastic bags or plastic jewellery boxes because the material can emit harmful chemicals that can damage or erode the surface of the beads.

Instead, you should store them in a soft-cloth pouch or soft-lined jewellery box, away from other jewellery pieces and hard metals to avoid scratches or damages of any kind.

Also, remember to store your pearls in moderate-temperature environments and away from direct sunlight.

Wipe them off after wearing

Another golden rule you need to keep in mind when caring for pearls is to always wipe them off with a soft cloth after every wear. Doing so will prevent any buildup of oils or other substances that may have come into contact with your beads while wearing them.

If you want to perform a deep cleaning of your pearls, soak the cloth in warm, soapy water and gently wipe the beads clean. If the pearls are strung, like in necklaces and bracelets, make sure the string is completely dry before wearing the jewellery again or storing it in the pouch or jewellery box.

Be careful when pairing them with certain fabrics

A rule many pearl lovers often overlook when wearing their favourite pearl jewellery pieces is they don’t pay much attention to the clothing material they are wearing. The truth is there are certain fabrics that may be damaging to the gemstone and can dramatically change its appearance.

For instance, leather clothing is usually treated with dyes containing harmful substances that can affect the colour and luster of the pearls.

Other rough fabrics and threads such as cheviot, chinchilla, doeskin and fleece are also bad and can become entwined with the string, causing scratches to the beads.

Restring them annually

If you are a true pearl lover who wears pearls often, then it is advised that you have them restrung once a year. The greatest reason for this is to avoid strand breakage which is especially important for pearl necklaces and bracelets.

When doing so, it is best that you use silk thread, although nylon thread is also an acceptable alternative. The thread should be knotted between each bead to prevent them from falling off if broken off. Besides this, knotting can also prevent further damage to the pearls by not allowing them to rub against each other.

Final thoughts

Pearls are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful gemstones in the world. As such, they need to be cared for properly in order to preserve their timeless appearance, color and luster. From storing them in soft-linen pouches to having them restrung annually, there are several things you should do to clean and care for your pearls.

If you need help, refer to our post and follow the tips on how to maintain your pearl jewelry.

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