Sarah Reeves – More The Merrier!

Sarah Reeves – More The Merrier!

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 15 December 2021 | In Conversation With

Singer/songwriter Sarah Reeves signed her first record deal aged just 18, and has since found herself on a magical musical journey towards finding her true voice as a recording artist. Having paid her dues writing songs for other singers to perform, and following the major success of her full-length album ‘Life, Love & Madness’, the proficient pop singer-songwriter recently released her classic & classy ‘More The Merrier’ EP.

Our Celebrity Editor Angela Sara West @angela_sara_west chats with the awesome American songstress about her new Christmas tracks, her festive plans, featuring on the trailer of Will Smith’s new Disney+ series, and what she loves about Wimbledon!

Congratulations on releasing your Christmas EP! I’m loving the vintage Christmas vibes on this collection of originals and classic Christmas tunes… What is it about ‘More The Merrier’ that made you describe it as possibly your “favourite project” so far?

Thank you! The recording process of this EP really made this a career highlight. Usually, my albums are made mostly with programmed instruments, but for this one, we used professional jazz musicians that tracked live in an amazing studio in Nashville. I knew when we were recording that we were making something truly special and timeless… I have made the Christmas album of my DREEEEAMS this year with the best team. Special thanks to my producers and every co-writer and musician that made all my Christmas dreams come true!!!

You recorded the official video for your ‘Winter Wonderland’ track with American Idol star Clark Beckham @clarkbeckham, who has traded in the bustling streets of downtown Nashville for the bright lights of Hollywood. How was that experience?

We had SO much fun filming some of these Christmas songs, and it is such an honour to have my talented friend Clark Beckham on ‘Winter Wonderland’. If y’all don’t know his music and his voice, it is INSAAAANE!! I hope you guys enjoy this as much as we enjoyed making it. We had a blast recording this album and bringing some of the songs to life in film, and had a party shooting ‘Go Tell It on the Mountain’!!! Watch till the end for the magic…

Are you feeling festive yet? When does the Christmas season begin for you?

The weather just turned cooler where I live, in Tennessee, so we currently have our fireplace going, jazz and classical vinyls spinning, with a homemade soup on the stove. It’s starting to feel like the holiday season for sure… The Christmas season here usually begins after Thanksgiving, but this year we obviously broke the rules and started listening to Christmas music in early November! The warmth and cosiness is what I love most about Christmas… There’s a magical feeling in the air that’s hard to describe but everyone feels, and I look forward to that feeling every year.

Do you like the cold or do you enjoy escaping to warmer climes?

I enjoy seasons… Where I live, we get a good dose of it all – spring, summer, fall and winter. I wouldn’t like too much of one, so I’m glad we get to experience the balance of both the cold and warmer weather.

I hear you’re a huge Wimbledon fan! What do you love most about Wimbledon?

The history and tradition, and the strawberries and cream! There’s nothing else quite like it!

Fave Christmas movie, and song?

‘Home Alone’ is my go-to comfort Christmas movie. My favourite festive song is ‘Winter Wonderland’ because it ALWAYS puts me in the Christmas spirit.

Another of your recent songs features in the trailer for Hollywood heavyweight Will Smith’s new TV series…

Yes, I’m slightly freaking out about this placement of a song I co-wrote and sang on with Luca Sarens for the trailer for a new original series from National Geographic, starring the one-and-only Will and directed by Darren Aronofsky! Join Will Smith on an extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime adventure around the world… ‘Welcome to Earth’, an original series, is streaming on Disney+ this December!

Definitely one to watch! What are your other plans for this festive season?

I will be going to my spend time with my family that I don’t get to see very often. I’m looking forward to some downtime with them!

Your top tips for a smooth Christmas?

I’m a procrastinator, but I would say from making my own mistakes, preparation is key! Buying presents early, planning and grocery shopping early makes it so much more enjoyable and less stressful in the moment!

Any exciting outfits planned for those Christmas parties?

Thanks for reminding me – I need to go shopping! I plan on having a couple of safe, small parties this year, celebrating the music. I see myself wearing a red dress or a black sequin jumpsuit, who knows… I always plan these things last minute (again, a procrastinator, need to get better about that…)

Your perfect Christmas Day?

Waking up to the smell of cinnamon rolls, turning on the Christmas music and starting the fire. Mimosas and brunch, presents and family… Good food and good company. Snow outside would put the cherry on top, although it doesn’t snow much where I’m from. It’s all the things, all the feels that make Christmas Day perfect.

How about your New Year’s Eve?

New Year’s Eve is a holiday I love… There is always celebration and an excitement in the air for a fresh start, and I’m excited for all that’s to come in 2022!

What would be your Christmas message of hope to readers, following such turbulent times?

It’s been such a crazy time for the whole world… We’ve experienced so much loss and disappointment. But this Christmas, I hope you can look back and see how far you’ve come in the midst of all the change and madness. I hope it has made you hold your loved ones tighter and cherish every moment we have here on this earth. There is beauty and hope all around us, we just have to open our eyes and not focus so much on the negativity.

If you could give any person in the world a gift, who would it be and what would you give?

Giving gifts is one of my favourite things to do. I love blessing random people when they least expect it. My first thought is buying a house for a homeless person or blessing someone in need with an extravagant gift or money to wipe out debt. To see the joy when someone receives something they need is priceless…

So, what’s in store for Sarah Reeves in 2022?

I have actually started to write for my next project, which I’m very excited about. I plan to release it in 2022, so stay tuned! Merry Christmas!!!!


Sarah Reeves’ ‘More The Merrier’ EP is out now.

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