Ethical Cosy Knits by Lowie

Ethical Cosy Knits by Lowie

Posted by Darya Badiei | 1 February 2022 | Fashion

This February, we’re celebrating self-love, investing in ourselves and doing things that bring us joy. While that can look different for everyone, there are certain things we can all appreciate. Whether that’s wearing a cosy knit to keep you warm all day, or lounging around the house in a soft knitted pair of socks while having a candle burning in the background, we’ve got some great suggestions for you.

Lowie is a London-based label that offers a range of clothing, accessories and homeware that would make perfect additions to your winter wardrobe and self-care routine. Founded in 2002 by Bronwyn Lowenthal, Lowie is built from a love for traditional handicraft techniques and an unwavering appreciation for the environment.

Continue reading to find out more about Bronwyn’s inspiration to start Lowie and her top clothing and self-care picks for this February.

Bronwyn Lowenthal in their Lowie Corduroy Boilersuit


What inspired you to start Lowie?

I’ve done quite a lot of travelling around the world and one of the things I’m particularly interested in when travelling is handicrafts from that country. When I went to Turkey, I found these amazing multicoloured socks, which was the first product we started with back in 2002.

I love the idea that a person puts their love and skills into a product and it’s then transferred to another person who enjoys wearing that product. So, we started off by selling hand-knitted accessories and then went onto to do lots of knitwear. Now we do a broad range of products, but we still sell more knitwear than anything else.

If you had to put together a winter look from your range, which pieces would you pick?

I would pick our Sonia Corduroy Boilersuit with our Cropped Alpaca jumper underneath. I think it would be the perfect outfit to wear during this time of the year.



You offer free repairs for life. Could you please explain what kind of repair services you offer?

Our repair service is something I’m really proud of because so many clothes end up in landfills when they can so easily be repaired and loved for longer.

We offer free repairs for life on all of our Lowie branded products. No questions asked, we don’t care what you’ve done to the product or how you’ve done it, we will repair it for you regardless. For example, knitwear is susceptible to getting moth holes which we can easily repair. So, if there’s anything you want to repair, you can bring it to our store or post it to us and we can repair it for you within 1 – 2 weeks.


You have a clothing recycling program Called Re-Love Lowie. Could you please tell me a bit more about this programme and how people can get involved in it?

Re-Love Lowie is something we set up before the pandemic and it started to get a bit of momentum but then went into lockdown, so we had to put things on hold. But the idea behind Re-Love Lowie is basically that people can bring in their old Lowie branded products and in return, we give them a voucher which they can use to buy something new from us. We then sell the products again for a lower price which means the clothes get another life, it also gives customers who can’t afford to buy things full price the opportunity to shop from us. It’s also great for those who bring the clothes back as they get to buy something new with the voucher once they’re tired of the old product or don’t want it anymore.

The first couple of months of the year tend to be all about self-care and wellbeing. Since you’ve got a great selection of skincare products & candles,  I would like to know which products you are currently using and loving the most?

My favourite thing that we’ve got is the Malako handwash. It’s a hand and body wash that’s so delicious and smells really good. I also love using our Upcircle Night Cream which is great for the colder winter months.





Instagram: @ilovelowie

Store Address: 18 Half Moon Lane, London, SE24 9HU

Written By: Darya Badiei | Fashion Content Editor 

Facebook: @LadyWimbledon
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