Transitional Dressing With Celtic and Co

Transitional Dressing With Celtic and Co

Posted by Darya Badiei | 1 March 2022 | Fashion, Style & Beauty

Spring has arrived, and we are thrilled for her to bring wide smiles, a fresh tan, and most importantly… we are excited for the warm-weather wardrobe she carries.

However, we’re currently in that slightly awkward transitional period where dressing might be a little tricky. As much as you want to leave your house wearing a light top in the morning, you’ve got to plan for the colder weather in the evening.

Celtic & Co are a premium clothing and footwear brand that make a wide range of classic pieces which we believe will make transitional dressing just that extra bit easier.

From cardigans for extra warmth in the evenings to fine crewnecks and linen tops for sunnier days, here is a selection of our favourite pieces from Celtic & Co.


Founded by Nick & Kath Whitworth over 30 years ago, Celtic & Co are dedicated to using only natural materials such as sheepskin and linen which they believe to be the only sustainable fashion choice as they are renewable, hard-wearing and a pleasure to wear.


Their pieces are thoughtfully crafted from yarns and fibres that are kind to people and the planet and don’t pollute the environment by shedding microfibres and releasing plastic into the water.

Made from 100% natural materials, their knitwear is fully compostable, and in the right condition, will break down and give nutrients back to the soil.


Head over to their website to check out their full range of clothing as well as their homeware, including their rugs and blankets.




Instagram: @celticandco

Written By: Darya Badiei | Fashion Content Editor 

Facebook: @LadyWimbledon
Instagram: @EyesOfLadyWimbledon
Twitter: @EyesOfLadyW


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