Cassa Jackson – Sassy Catwalk for International Women’s Day!

Cassa Jackson – Sassy Catwalk for International Women’s Day!

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 14 March 2022 | In Conversation With

Singer/songwriter Cassa Jackson @cassajackson – one of our celeb models at our glamorous International Women’s Day Gala tomorrow – has been nominated for an iHeart Radio Award as ‘TikTok Songwriter of the Year’!

Cassa chats with Celebrity Editor Angela Sara West @angela_sara_west about touring with JLS, her forthcoming headline gig and sizzling new empowering single, and what she’s looking forward to about strutting her stuff on our unique catwalk at Cannizaro House.

Hey Cassa, many thanks for modelling some amazing pieces from ethical designers again! You rocked the runway at the last celebrity charity fashion show I organised – what are you looking to most about tomorrow’s event?

I’m so excited to be surrounded by such inspirational women on such an empowering day… I’m also looking forward to trying out the 360 camera on the red carpet!

Photographer: @chloemaylor.jpg

So, you’re set to showcase sustainable designs by luxury fashion & bridal designer Marcela Giocante @marcelagiocanti and Persian-influenced luxury womenswear brand Sarvin @sarvinworld. Can’t WAIT to see you on the catwalk! I LOVE the outfits you’ve been wearing recently by ethical designer Chloe Oldridge @flofashionstyling …

Thank you! Chloe has styled my outfits in such an awesome way which really complements the music I make – bold, sassy and unafraid to be yourself!What does International Woman’s Day mean to you?

International Woman’s Day is an opportunity to think about how far women have come and how much more work there still is to do… It’s about celebrating the success of women and building each other up and supporting each other.

Which women (both historic and present-day) inspire you (and why)?

I was lucky enough to have some extremely inspirational female teachers at school and I remember my English teacher, Louise, and my French teacher, Annick, gave me a love of language which has helped me so much when it comes to song writing. They also gave me so much confidence in my own ability that I never doubt what I can achieve with hard work and dedication. Historically, women in music have always inspired me, especially women such as Tina Turner, who made a success of her career despite her personal problems and a male-dominated industry.

What challenges and barriers have you personally faced and had to overcome during your career in the music industry?

As a woman, sometimes it is hard to be taken seriously as a songwriter and artist, and people are always trying to pigeonhole you. You have to work twice as hard to be noticed and gain respect as a songwriter. Even now this is a very male-dominated industry, and the majority of bands and artists that play at festivals are male. I am thrilled to be a part of the movement that is beginning to change this.

What empowers you?

Photographer: @chloemaylor.jpg

Songwriting empowers me most and performing my own songs. It allows me to overcome difficult things that have happened in my life and people that haven’t treated me right in past relationships. Every time something bad happens to me, I know I will be able to make something good come out of it and channel my feelings into songwriting, which in turn will help other people get through what they are going through.How was your experience of going on tour with JLS?

Supporting JLS on tour was the most amazing thing I have ever done! It was always my dream to perform at the 02 Arena, and the fact that I got to do it four times (along with 28 other arenas), singing my own songs was really special and I will never forget it. JLS were so welcoming and supportive of my music, and I wish I could do it all over again!

Tell me a little about your new single ‘Sophie’, out later this month…

Photographer: @chloemaylor.jpg

‘Sophie’ is all about when your ex goes off with the one person they told you not to worry about… Writing this song was like therapy for me. I went through a very tough breakup last year and the aftermath has not been pretty! What has been so amazing though is how much people have already related to the song and how much they tell me it has helped them, even though I only leaked a minute of it on TikTok. Lots of young girls have gone through similar situations and not been treated right, and now we can help each other to empower ourselves.That’s brilliant, Cassa… Looking forward to hearing it! And you must be SO excited about your forthcoming headline show at the Omeara in London… What can fans expect?

I am extremely excited about my show at the Omeara… It’s my first ever headline show! I am going to be performing my new single for the first time as well as another unreleased track – but I will also be performing the songs everyone knows, such as ‘Suits U’ and ‘Parallel Universe’. I can’t wait to hear everyone singing along! I’m thrilled to be able to meet all my fans and people who have supported me from the start. I have a very cool band and two fabulous support acts… it should be an awesome evening.

Sounds amazing! Any other exciting projects in the works?

I’m working on a lot of new music at the moment and cannot wait to release it! I’m also planning my headline tour of the UK and have some exciting festivals coming up this summer! I’m performing at Mello Festival, where Rag’n’Bone is headlining, and I’m also off to South Africa in April to do a couple of festivals there!

In the meantime, before my show on 30th March, I’m about to fly to LA for the iHeart Radio Awards as I have been nominated for an iHeart Radio Award as ‘TikTok Songwriter of the Year’! My first ever award show and red carpet!!

Apart from our red carpet tomorrow, of course!

Written By: © Angela Sara West 2021| @angela_sara_west

Follow Cassa: @cassajackson

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