Sexy, Latin American, Celebratory-Inca, W1

Sexy, Latin American, Celebratory-Inca, W1

Posted by Sooz | 23 March 2022 | Food & Drink

I’m sure by now that whispers of the colourful entertainment and luxy Latin American food at Inca in W1 have reached our fabulous SW19 residents. I made a reservation on behalf of us all to try it out, and check that all the rumours were as true as hoped…

Starting the evening with a literal trip down memory lane, otherwise known as Argyll Street, I was greeted by a glamorous host outside the venue I had previously known as Toy Room, Movida and Mason House.

Rather than a repeat of the various promoter led bottle service clubs that have previously hidden behind these doors, Inca London has stepped the game up to a whole other level, with a service driven luxury restaurant, and entertainment as abundant and flavoursome as the food.

Truth be told, my brief online research had led me to envisage a more cabaret style variety show, but, if anything, the Latin focussed performances were much more in keeping with the theme of the restaurant and vibe of the evening. Largely dance led entertainment with a level of sex appeal that Strictly Come Dancing could never compete with, each and every performer was bursting with talent and charisma. Not to mention fabulous live vocals from truly stunning songstresses, and an innovative, contemporary twist across the board to keep us totally mesmerised for the whole evening.

If the Inca whispers have indeed caught up with you, it would be remiss of me not to mention their reputation of being a little on the spenny side. With a minimum spend of £150 per person for dinner, drinks and show included, this is not a casual pit stop for every day dining. The black cod came in at £65 which is up there with the best of them, but I’d brought along Cheska, my personal black cod connoisseur, and she gave it an epic 9.5 out of ten, which goes some way to explaining the premium price point. Equally, the chicken skewers were a very reasonable £16, and so sizeable that in any regular resto they would have sufficed as a delicious meal in themselves!

We were lucky enough to enjoy a curation of Incas best dishes crafted by Head Chef Davide Alberti. Whilst a couple of the starters were a little forgettable by our personal taste, the aforementioned cod and the absolutely loaded-with-truffle fries were unforgettable. We feasted like queens and were as full as you could

Possibly imagine, but when the ‘Coconut’ desert (mousse sphere with pineapple compote, lime sponge, dark chocolate and pina colada sorbet) arrived, we found room that could have never existed for anything less than the fabulousness that it was.

All in all a truly wonderful evening, absolutely worth the visit, and I would suggest best enjoyed as a special occasion.

P.S All the rumours are true.

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