The Leggy Ladies visit The Ivy, Wimbledon

The Leggy Ladies visit The Ivy, Wimbledon

Posted by Sooz | 31 March 2022 | Food & Drink, Guide to Wimbledon

This Monday the Leggy Ladies took a trip across the Côte d’Azur, Greek Islands and Spanish Riviera, all of which were packaged up neatly in a gorgeous springtime menu and aesthetic, right on our doorstep at The Ivy Cafe, Wimbledon. 

Their new menu is bursting with light, refreshing flavours and the experience of being in such a romantic, dreamy nook was the perfect way to kick off my favourite season. 

With such abundance of temptation on the menu, we decided to have our starters ‘sharing style’, and made our own buffet of grilled asparagus with quails egg, tempura prawns with kimchi and yuzu pickle, and mozzarella with salsa verde and pistachio. The seasonally appropriate lightness of the dishes did not compromise the abundance of flavour we always expect from the Ivy, and Adonis’ recommendations left us with a singing palette and utterly excited for what was to follow.

We continued on a high with the main courses. The baked miso aubergine came with cracked drum wheat spiked with raisins, almond and coconut yoghurt, giving an unexpected but uplifting twist. The Korean glazed chicken was just the right amount of sticky, with citrus and pickle to keep us in our springtime fantasy. 

We’d had the inside scoop that the black bee honey and white chocolate cheesecake was one not to be missed, and aside from the absolutely stunning presentation (edible bumble bee included) the compliment of mango sorbet against a unique pillowy texture really did speak to something extra special. 

Like all sensible ladies that have enjoyed a three course meal before 1pm on a Monday, we made the restrained decision of also getting a four person portion of giant profiteroles, because, in short, we are all round epic decision makers.

Blessed with gorgeous weather and beautiful company, I’ll look back on this experience for some time. If you haven’t been to the Ivy recently, I encourage you to take this singing Springtime menu as a catalyst to visit, and, if Adonis is there, heed his recommendations. He didn’t let us down. 

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Sooz is an avid foodventurer, home baker, and ambassador for all things delicious. She takes her foodsplorations seriously and has a reputation for discovering the very best that the south west foodie scene has to offer. Follow Sooz on Instagram: @sooz.chef

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