Hydrangeas for Your Wedding

Hydrangeas for Your Wedding

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 1 January 2023 | Home & Garden

Hydrangeas for Your Wedding

Hydrangeas are one of the most popular and universal flowers that the floral world has to offer. With its puffy shape, it reminds of pompoms and comes in many varieties and colours. They are playful, gorgeous, romantic, and therefore perfect for a wedding.

There are several steps your will need to follow to create the best flower arrangements with hydrangeas. These include picking the flowers, buying them from a popular delivery like Flowwow London, and hiring a florist (if you are not ready to do the arrangements yourself). Each step has its ins and outs, and this is exactly what we will discuss in this article.

Pick Your Own Hydrangea

First of all, you need to pick your hydrangeas. This flower appeared in our gardens long ago, but not everyone realises how diverse they are, and how many new and interesting varieties were bred around the world.

A few types to look out for:

  • Big-leaf hydrangea. Represented by a huge number of varieties of all kinds of colours: blue, pink, lilac, and white. This variety can even change colour depending on growing conditions. To make the hydrangeas pink the soil is deoxidised, to make them blue – the soil needs to be more acidic and contain aluminium salts. This is probably the most popular type of hydrangea and since it comes in a wide range of colours, everyone can find something that will suit their wedding style.
  • Tree-shaped hydrangea. As you might have guessed from the name, this variety grows a lot like a tree, even though it’s a shrub. What’s interesting, there are new types of tree-shaped hydrangea that appeared in the last few decades. For example, there is a vivid pink variety, appropriately called “Pink Annabelle”, and the one with large spherical flowers, this one is called “Incredible”.
  • Panicled hydrangea. The unique characteristic of this variety is the structure of inflorescences, which can be dense or airy. An additional interesting feature of these flowers is the change from white to pink or red that the plant undergoes. The speed and intensity of these transitions vary, for example, the varieties “Vanille Fraise” and “Fraise Melba” have a gentle pink appearance almost from the moment the flowers open.

Of course, these are not all hydrangea types that exist but they are among the most beautiful and suitable for a wedding. And once you choose the variety or varieties that you want, it’s time to actually buy them.

Purchase Hydrangeas Directly From The Grower

You can buy hydrangea in most flower stores, but there you will get a mature plant either in bloom or with buds. It is preferable to choose young flowers because they usually have richer colours and stay fresh longer.

Some stores sell flowers of domestic breeding, bought from people professionally engaged in growing flowers. However, it will be cheaper to buy such a plant directly from the grower, especially since you can make a choice: buy a mature plant, baby, or leaf cuttings, it will also be possible to obtain advice on breeding.

Good growers have their own online catalogs, where they constantly post what they have in stock, so you should have no problem finding what you need.

Use a Florist and Their Services

In general, the choice of a florist should not be the last thing on your to-do list but should be tackled together with the decorations. Wedding florists with a lot of experience can give helpful tips about the location, provide new inspiration and thus help shape the overall atmosphere of a wedding.

Even thou you already found the hydrangea you like and the grower who is ready to sell them to you, a florist will be essential. A bridal bouquet and decorations with hydrangeas is something very special, as you need a lot of experience to optimally integrate the flowers. Besides, you will need to explain your vision of the wedding and how you want to use the flowers, among other things.

What floral decorations are necessary for a wedding? The basics include table decorations, a wedding arch, and bridal a bouquet. Without a professional florist, even these simple things will be hard to do.

Additionally, when choosing the right florist for your wedding, it’s not only important to like the style, but also to check the logistical requirements. The closer the florist is to the wedding location the better.


  • Which Flower Symbolises Marriage?

Everyone knows that red roses symbolise love, but it’s not the only flower with hidden symbolism. Myrtle and red chrysanthemum also represent love, and the carnation even speaks of pure love, at least as long as it is not striped or red (striped carnations mean rejection and red carnations mean heartbreak).

  • How Do You Use Hydrangeas in a Bridal Bouquet?

Hydrangeas for your bridal bouquet are a great choice because you can fold the large umbels of hydrangeas and create a beautiful bridal bouquet in no time. Or you can incorporate the small delicate flowers individually in the bridal bouquet and thus get a particularly romantic and natural look.

  • What Flowers Hold Up Best in a Bridal Bouquet?

An experienced florist can make almost any flower hold up in a bouquet. But if you want the best bouquet possible, choose seasonal flowers:

  • In the fall these are dahlias, heather, or sunflowers;
  • Beautiful winter flowers include tulips, anemones, buttercups, roses, and astilbes;
  • A spring wedding can be celebrated with peonies, lavender, roses, or carnations.

Summer weddings have the most varieties with popular options such as roses, daisies, carnations, dahlias, and other wonderful flowers.

  • What Colour Flowers is Best for Wedding?

The colours of the bridal bouquet and floral decorations play a big role in the atmosphere. Just like the choice of the type of flowers, the colour here speaks its own language – if you understand it. For example, the colour white embodies purity and innocence. White flowers also embody honesty, give grace and elegance. No wonder this is a popular choice for a wedding.

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