Why Dance Fitness is More Popular Than Ever

Why Dance Fitness is More Popular Than Ever

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 16 June 2023 | Health & Fitness

Few trends last forever, but one thing that has managed to stay incredibly popular is dance fitness. It’s no secret that the key to staying fit and healthy is regular exercise, but for a lot of us, exercise isn’t exactly the most appealing prospect in the world. Getting sweaty and uncomfortable in a gym filled with other people is a hard sell, and running in the park often feels dangerous, especially at night. Thankfully, group fitness classes offer a fun and motivating way to stay fit.

From spinning to yoga, fitness classes introduce a group dynamic and an instructor to help keep you on your toes and working towards your goals. However, few classes are as popular as dance fitness. Zumba, barre workout, mind-body flow and cardio dance all incorporate dance and exercise into one, creating a fun and engaging exercise that anyone can get into. In recent years, these classes have become more popular than ever, and here we’ll look at why.


One of the main reasons why dance fitness classes have become so much more popular in recent years is thanks to the increasing availability. It’s simply so much easier now to find these classes than ever before, with lots of different varieties of dance classes on offer. You can even find special dance studios created specifically for this purpose by searching for dance studio hire London to see the number of options out there.

A growing number of fitness instructors have focused on providing fun dance classes, seeing how popular they can be. This has led to more variety of dance styles being incorporated, and there’s really something for everyone. Whether you prefer slow and steady rhythms to fast and frantic beats, you can find lots of different classes you’ll enjoy.

Fun Sessions

One thing that’s impossible to deny is that dancing is great fun! Even if you don’t think you have a lot of natural rhythms, you might be surprised by how much fun you have when you’re in a class with your friends all dancing along to the same beat. One of the most important things to consider when exercising is how much fun you’re having. Sure, it may not necessarily help you burn more calories, but it certainly makes it more likely that you’ll keep coming back.

Having fun also has a great effect on our minds, which need to be taken care of just as much as our bodies. Mental health and exercise often go hand in hand, with increased exercise helping to release more dopamine. However, taking part in activities you find enjoyable makes a big difference too.

A Great Workout

While it’s important to have fun while exercising if you want to keep coming back, the most important this is that you’re actually working your body. Whatever your fitness goals are, it’s hard to argue with how much of a great workout dance fitness can be. You’ll get an all-over body workout, with all your leg and arm muscles being utilised. In addition, dancing is a great way to burn of calories and gets your heart and lungs working extra hard.

The result of this is a stronger, more toned body as well as a healthier cardiovascular system. While it may not be as intense as running a marathon, you can burn some serious calories during an intense dance class, and it shouldn’t be overlooked just because it’s fun.


Dancing is for everyone, and exercise should be too. While many people, women in particular, feel nervous about going to the gym and working out in front of others, dancing is far more inclusive. You can join a dance class and have fun with people of all ages and body shapes and not have to feel self-conscious about what you’re capable of.


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