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19 May 2017
Posted by Matthew Benwell
Take The Wimbledon Quiz…

There is nothing more British than a pub quiz – that’s a fact. Wimbledon Gent narrows down his top 5 in Wimbledon.

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28 April 2017
Posted by Matthew Benwell
Top 5 Places to Watch Sports in Wimbledon

Ah Bank Holiday weekend – an extra day off. Most chaps enjoy spending at least one afternoon watching sport, however if you cannot get to any of the local action...

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21 April 2017
Posted by Matthew Benwell
Wimbledon Winners Weekend

So next weekend the climax to two massive seasons happen in Wimbledon. Make sure you know where to be to catch all the action.

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22 March 2017
Who is ‘The Golden Man’ of Wimbledon?

He's well-known for riding around on his colourful bike, but who exactly is 'The Golden Man' of Wimbledon?

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2 March 2017
Six Outstanding Last-Minute Easter Breaks for Families

Hoping to escape and make the most of the Easter break? Worried you might have left it too late? Seeking inspiration? Can’t decide between city-break or beach? Fear not, there’s...

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27 February 2017
Take Some Time Out at Wimbledon’s Thai Buddhist Temple

There are a number of things you expect to find in Wimbledon: tennis, horses, a windmill maybe even a Womble, but finding a Buddhist Temple in the heart of a...

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17 February 2017
Historic Wimbledon Windmill

Last weekend, our Out and About blogger, Laura Megatli, set off to Wimbledon Windmill to learn more about the historic building.

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8 February 2017
Paris Hotspots

Our Out & About Blogger, Laura Megatli shares her top Paris spots and tips on making the most of a weekend getaway to the city of love.

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30 January 2017
A Bookworm’s Treasure Trove: Copperfield’s Secondhand Book Shop

Tucked away on Hartfield Road behind the Odeon and Bill’s is the bookworm’s treasure trove that is Copperfield’s Secondhand Book Shop.

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21 December 2016
Posted by Lady Wimbledon
Scrubbed up Nicely

Local property developer Paul Capra took the initiative to bring the community together to clean the historic drinking fountain at the top of Wimbledon Hill Road.

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