How to Decorate your Home with Books

How to Decorate your Home with Books

Posted by Helene Arentz | 2 March 2017 | Home & Garden

My books are some of my dearest belongings. I have a passion for thick heavy books with large photos and the finest quality paper.

I think ‘coffee table books’ have a great future, as we all have a busy life online, more or less everything is digital, and sometimes it’s just good to touch something with your bare hands. Books make your coffee table look more interesting and inviting, and they display your personal interests. Best of all, you can read and enjoy them at your own leisure.

My decorating style is always evolving – moving books from room to room… a few in the living room, some for cooking and lifestyle in the kitchen). Some books are for all year round, but as a decoration item you can also change the colours seasonally. A beautiful book can also lay open on a table to display special content, they can be grouped together, layered, splayed out, or just a single book by itself. A cup of coffee and a large heavy book is the best way to relax and have a mindful little journey.

Photo: Monica Hellem. Design: HA Interior Design.

When my kids were younger, I liked to have their books available at all times, and that’s how their passion for books grew. They always picked them up to look at something and we had a little chat about something intriguing they saw. They still mention a green large ‘Wizard of Oz’ pop-up book they had. I think books are the best way to create moments of mindfulness between generations.

Photo by Monica Hellem taken at ‘Hatchards’ in Piccadilly.

Our guests very often pick up a book when visiting, and start browsing – I just love when they do!

Photo:Helene Arentz.

To me, a coffee table book is the best present to give and receive. I took a trip to the local book shop Wimbledon Books which I’m very fond of, and looked at their window display for some inspiration. It’s like a candy shop! It’s important that we all support these local shops, as they are simply so valuable to our community.

I hope these images of book displays will inspire you to use your books as a part of your home decor. One of the best tips for creating a home with atmosphere is to show your personality.

Photo: Monica Hellem.

By Our Home & Garden Blogger, Helene Arentz.

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