Kick-Start Your Ideas With A Moodboard

Kick-Start Your Ideas With A Moodboard

Posted by Helene Arentz | 24 February 2017 | Home & Garden

Do you have any plans or ideas for interior projects for your home? Are you confused about where to start your design project or what decisions to make first?

The key word you are looking for is ‘Moodboard’

A moodboard is is a helpful technique if you want to tidy up your mind, collect your inspiration or  structure a process. A piece of art, a trip by the sea or a patterned fabric is the clue that starts a whole design process. A moodboard is a visually captures a particular atmosphere you want to achieve. Your inspiration can be found anywhere.

The key is to find something that makes you feel comfortable, and then go from there.

Decide on your goal. What’s your project? Bedroom makeover, kids room, new sofa, new colour scheme or organising your work space,? You name it, be specific.

Collect your inspiration, and I literally mean from everywhere! You decide if you prefer to do it online or manually, either is fine. Sometimes it is good to touch the materials like fabric samples or a piece of wood, on the other hand it’s very easy to take screenshots online for your clipboard, and then organise from there. I have made mine in Microsoft PowerPoint which is very simple to use.

My moodboard is a result of a crush on the Italian (and French) countryside, which I would like to implement in a modern kitchen – terracotta and olive colours come to mind.

Plan your layout and make it simple. Try to make your images more or less the same shape or size. I find it helpful to start in the left upper corner, and layer down. But remember you are your own boss, there are no rules! Allow some space here and there, a cleaner look will highlight your brilliant ideas!

In this moodboard I have narrowed it down to some specific ideas. White modern kitchen with a marble worktop is timeless and will suit my vision about a modern country kitchen perfectly. ‘Old white’ is a beautiful green for my walls and for my woodwork I have chosen an ‘off-white’, both from Farrow & Ball. The linen cushion is from Linwood Fabric. The beautiful tiles for the kitchen wall are from Fired Earth and the chair ‘Columbia’ is from Artwood.The oak table is named ‘Balmoral’ can be found at Neptune.

A great tool you should consider when undertaking your design project is Pinterest. If you would like to see examples of moodboards, simply search ‘mood board interior’ or any other keyword for your project.

Eclectic trends/Pinterest

A lady who’s professional in creating and teaching how to create a moodboard is the Gudy Herder from Eclectic Trends.

Hope you feel inspired!

By Our Home & Garden Blogger, Helene Arentz.

Twitter: @ArentzHelene
Facebook: @hainteriordesign 
Instagram: @hainteriordesign 

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