Inside a Wimbledon Home

Inside a Wimbledon Home

Posted by Helene Arentz | 12 May 2017 | Home & Garden

Last week we gave you a teaser saying we would look into some lovely homes and gardens in Wimbledon and beyond. This week we are lucky to have a little house tour!

In this lovely home every single piece looks like it belongs there perfectly. The ‘lady in charge’ Ane is very clever at mixing contemporary and modern furniture with unique antique finds from markets and second hand shops.

She masters the art of balancing practicality and elegance, in order to create a relaxed and homey atmosphere for herself and her family.

The mix of rustic and fine materials as well as a muted colour scheme with a splash of colour is aesthetically beautiful.

When entering this lovely home you immediately get a warm and welcoming feeling, and can easily make yourself comfy with a hot cup of coffee.

When you spend some time looking for characteristic tables, vases and chairs, you definitely get a different and unique look. Do not underestimate the fun of hunting, if you are at all interested, of course.

If you’re not into flying around on your own searching, a lot of shops do the job for you and you can often find one-offs served on a tray. I do recommend Hampton Court as a good area for antique and second hand shops.

The art of interior design is to create a home that inspires you.

Here are some good starting points to make your home look personal, along with some eye-catching features: 

Groups or displays of genuine items will create a warm atmosphere and also shows the personality of the inhabitants. Focus on a personal style that tells a story about who’s living there.

Your coffee table, shelves or kitchen bench may be the perfect space for a display? Take a look at the whole picture and decide where you prefer to make your arrangements.

Dare to expose some of your oddest belongings from your deepest drawers, and arrange them in your own way. Use items that mean something to you or your family, like kids drawings in a frame, a book, a gift or a souvenir from a special trip.

Think different heights, shapes, textures and materials.

Some dark elements also look interesting and sophisticated when you are decorating.

Be brave and enjoy!

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About The Author

Helene Arentz

Scandinavian interior designer Helene is a doyenne of creative home transformation, pairing personality and atmosphere with beautiful functionality. This is her inside story…

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