Why I Yearn For Yellow…

Why I Yearn For Yellow…

Posted by Charlotte Broadbent | 24 May 2017 | Style & Beauty

Yellow, love it or hate it, is a colour that anyone (yes, anyone) can wear. You just have to select the right shade for your skin tone. Over and over I hear how difficult yellow is to wear, or how it clashes with different skin tones, but if you understand the right hue for you, it can bring huge physical and emotional benefits.

Colour is not only absorbed into your eyes but into your hormonal system. Yellow is the happiest and most joyful of all the colours, it is the perceived colour of sunlight and when you absorb yellow it can totally lift your spirits, as well as those around you. Yellow is the colour of intellect and focus, so it’s a great colour to wear when you’re working on a creative project or presenting to an audience.

I yearn for yellow, mainly due to it’s youthful glow and uplifting benefits…I believe it can take years off your face and brighten your complexion.

Yellow is a powerful colour, it is the first colour the eye sees because it has a long wavelength, it can draw attention, create conversation and bring a smile. Yellow is the perfect colour choice to make an impact on a night out with friends or at networking events.

Paola and Charlotte

PBB’s Paola and Charlotte. Charlotte wearing an off-the-shoulder flounced top from H&M.

Golden or marigold yellows are the flattering choice for a spring season woman, and it works well with warm/yellowy based skin tones – best for those who don’t tan so easily and that perhaps have freckles.

Earthy mustards are a flattering shade on an autumn complexion, for skin that tans quickly into a bronze deep tan, and that wouldn’t normally flush.

Cooler skin tones with blue-pink undertones don’t wear these bright or muted yellows well, as it creates a colour clash. Try harmonising pastels if you have a pale summer complexion and opt for acid brights for striking winter skins.

Acid Yellow for Winter Skin Tones

karen-millen acid dress

Textured Lime A-Line Dress from Karen Millen.

Pastel Yellow for Summer Skin Tones

Mustard Yellow for Autumn Skin Tones

So, there you have it! Yellow is trending this season…become part of the tribe. There’s a lot of choice, don’t be scared, just use the winning skin tone formula and you will reap the benefits.

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Charlotte Broadbent
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