How To Be Seen On The Scene At Wimbledon

How To Be Seen On The Scene At Wimbledon

Posted by Matthew Benwell | 16 June 2017 | Wimbledon Gent

The sun is shining on SW19 and, as is typical with the arrival of summer, thoughts in Wimbledon turn to tennis. The annual showcase of the finest the grass courts have to offer, in turn brings out some of the finest that Wimbledon has to offer.

In recent years there has been more of a focus on what the men at the event are wearing with notable snappily-dressed celebrity appearances, such as Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler in 2013. In light of this it seemed appropriate for me to catch up with Benjamin Eng, founder of The Wardrobe Wimbledon.

the wardrobe wimbledon

I asked him what he thought the reason was for the recent focus on modern men’s fashion:

People have been taking their cues from celebrities in recent years, who have shown that it is good to look smart. As well as this it has become more commonplace for people to take pleasure in dressing up. They are understanding the value that can be found in a tailored look.

What has also become more commonplace is to mix that classic tailored look with more street wear. Suits can now be found accessorised with high end trainers as people look to take the stuffy edge from the classical look.”

With these insights in mind I asked him what he felt was the must-have look in his opinion for Wimbledon this summer:

At the Wimbledon Wardrobe we have a range of pieces for this summer but we feel that the classic navy blue blazer is this summer’s definite. We have one specifically for Wimbledon with a green lining on the interior with a purple trim.

The aim though in the summer is to keep cool when you are looking your best. With this in mind, we have the blazer made with hopsack, which is a much more open weave wool – so it is designed for warmer climates.  It is also only half-lined to help reduce over-heating.

The summer is always about being comfortable, so we would say accessorize that shirt with a classic white shirt, and go for braces over belts. Linen trousers and loafers finish off the look and you should be set to go.”

the wardrobe wimbledon

I had a look with Ben at the fine range of signature accessories they have for the tennis this summer with specific pocket squares, some with the classic strawberries and cream, and the purple and green braces were a real eye-catcher.

So now you should feel armed to dress and impress this summer at the Championships. You can see more of Ben’s vision on Instagram at: @the_wardrobe_wimbledon or pop into the store on the Ridgeway just off Wimbledon Hill.

See you on the strip!

Let me know your fashion tips for the summer on Twitter @WimbledonGent

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