Five Real Wellbeing Tips For #GlobalWellnessDay

Five Real Wellbeing Tips For #GlobalWellnessDay

Posted by Flora Firth | 8 June 2018 | Health & Fitness, Magazine
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Today, Saturday 9th June, is Global Wellness Day and I’m going to celebrate it!

Taking care of my wellbeing was a brand new concept to me 12 months ago. My outlook on life used to be there’s no value in relaxing – I SHOULD be achieving, working, exercising, cleaning, rushing, doing, planning, getting, saving, stressing… I’d forgotten about me. Sound familiar?

You can do anything, but not everything

Life changed when I had what felt like quarter-life crisis because I was putting too much pressure on myself to be ‘perfect’.

It’s funny that when you try too hard to make yourself happy, you’re actually doing the opposite.

It’s the little things in life

I’ve realised it’s the simple things that I can do easily that brings me valuable happiness (but it did take me a while to change my mind-set to allow myself these ‘treats’). Little things like cuddles on the sofa with my puppy whilst watching Love Island, seeing healthy herbs and glowing solar lights on my patio, painting a pretty picture for a friend and knowing how much they love it, feeling the sunshine on my face. The best things in life are free!

I wished I’d known much sooner the importance of taking care of my wellbeing.

Love yourself like it’s your top priority

In May 2017, I created @FeelGoodFlora and was serious about starting to love myself. So here are my top five real wellbeing tips that I’ve tried, tested, my mental health has benefited and I wish to pass on to you…

  1. Make time for YOU

With such a huge focus on what we SHOULD be doing, let’s make time for the things we LOVE doing. Write a happy list of all the little or large things that give you pleasure and do more of them more often. This is about self-care, treat yourself well.

  1. Collect memories not things.

Life is a collection of moments. Todays moments are tomorrows memories. So fill your days with life! Not your life with days. Practice mindfulness – the art of living in the moment.

  1. Grow your own way

Be happy for your friend’s successes; but don’t see it as a benchmark for where you should be in your life. You focus on you, and remember to be proud of yourself. Life’s a journey, not a race.

  1. Listen to your body

Hungry? Eat. Tired? Rest. Energetic? Move. Listen to the powerful messages your body is telling you and respond sensibly.

  1. It’s time to talk about it

If you’re feeling unhappy, talking about it can really help. Whether you reach out to family, a friend, or seek professional help from a GP or therapist, speaking about how we’re feeling is so important. When we support each other, incredible things happen.

Written by Flora Firth
Instagram: @feelgoodflora
Twitter: @feelgoodflora
Facebook: @feelgoodflora

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Flora Firth
About The Author

Flora Firth

Flora is on her wellness journey and hopes to encourage you to join her. She’s proud to be voicing the importance of mind health in a world where we’re striving for unrealistic perfection.

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