Healthy Choices Are Crucial To Your Success

Healthy Choices Are Crucial To Your Success

Posted by Gemma Ford | 20 June 2018 | Health & Fitness, Magazine

Being healthy; that is doing exercise, eating clean, whole foods, getting enough rest and so on, is not just a slightly annoying thing we have to make ourselves do in order to look good in that bikini or ‘we’re just meant to’. Being healthy is intrinsically linked to everything you most want for yourself.

I’m sure I don’t need to persuade you that you feel better when you make healthy choices, right? I mean we all feel better when we only have one or two glasses or wine, rather than seven or eight! However I don’t think we often connect how good we feel and how clear headed we are to the, seemingly unrelated, successes and failures in our lives. Whether it’s success in your career, in your relationship or any other area of life, living a healthy life is foundational to build the life you most want.

For example this year I have been very mindful to drink far less than I did last year and the results I have seen in my business have been huge, because I have been consistently focused, clear on my goals and attracting wonderful clients. Another example, just recently I wasn’t getting enough rest and down time, this meant I was a nightmare for my lovely (long suffering!) boyfriend. I allowed myself to get too busy and there were negative results in my relationship – I have learnt my lesson and all is happy now!

I am not suggesting everyone must be vegan and start Crossfit immediately! I am reminding you that your hopes and dreams, and the likelihood of fulfilling them, are directly related to how well you take care of yourself and your body. I find it’s very helpful to make this connection when we are making choices about our lifestyle, because it’s easy to eat that third burger this week when we are only thinking of our waistline, but when we think about the job promotion we really want all of a sudden it’s much more meaningful.

I’m all for a great balance, a life of restrictions is not fun and doesn’t make us feel good. The 80/20 rule is a very useful rule of thumb, make healthy choices 80% of the time and enjoy the beers and burgers the other 20%.


Written by Gemma Ford

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Gemma Ford
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Gemma Ford

Gemma is a qualified yoga teacher and intuitive life coach. After receiving her training in India and Los Angeles she settled in South West London where she teaches yoga via her YouTube channel as well as coaching locally and internationally. Gemma loves to teach and support her clients to reach their highest potential in health, wealth and happiness.

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