How To Enjoy Bonfire Night At Home

How To Enjoy Bonfire Night At Home

Posted by Lady Wimbledon | 26 October 2018 | Health & Fitness, Magazine

Bonfire night is an amazing time of the year to get out and about, take in the sights, sounds and smells and in general have a little fun. However, rounding up the family and hustling everyone to a packed park in this cold Autumn weather isn’t always reasonable. Sometimes, all we want is to stay in, relax, warm up some hot chocolate and enjoy the fireworks display away from all the noise and confusion.

We’ve prepared the ultimate night in where you’ll be able to relax, unwind from the busy week and finally enjoy the fireworks display from the comfort of your home.

Aflair For Home

Make the most of open spaces by making them feel warm, comfortable and cosy. Especially if you’re planning to settle into the sofa to cuddle up with a loved one this Bonfire night. Aflair for Home have beautiful cushions and throws. One of our favourite is their Pom Pom Throw in Mauve.

Chickidee Homeware Aromatherapy is regarded as one of the most powerful tools because of its ability to promote healing and wellbeing. While lavender is known to combat stress and promote ultimate relaxation, Bergamot is used mainly in mens perfumes and has the power to bring happiness into any home. Chickidee has a wide range of candles to chose from. Perhaps it’s time to learn a bit more about aromatherapy and tap into the power of essential oils.

Whittard of Chelsea

What better way to enjoy the fireworks from your terrace, garden, living room or even bedroom than with a cup of delicious hot chocolate? Forget the hot milk vs hot chocolate debate and make it your own with Whittard’s selection of Hot Chocolate. Here at Lady W HQ we love the Luxury Hot Chocolate, Mint Flavoured Hot Chocolate and Vanilla Caramel Flaked Drinking Chocolate but take your pick next time you pop into Whittard’s. You can even personalise a bar of chocolate to share on the night.


Just in case you stay up a little too late or plan to indulge in a glass or two of wine Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Face Mask will be your secret weapon to combat dehydrated and tired skin. Designed to help recover from over-night moisture loss your skin will feel soft, plump, refreshed and supple in the morning. Let this mask take care of your face so you can face the morning re-energised.


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