Enter The Festive Season Stress Free

Enter The Festive Season Stress Free

Posted by Eyes of Lady Wimbledon | 2 November 2018 | Health & Fitness, Magazine

As the festive season approaches, we begin to think about spending precious time with loved ones, family and friends. Yet, the stress of organizing Christmas dinners, co-ordinating whose buying what for whom and last-minute trips to your local shopping centre can take all the merriness out of this special time. Read on and discover how we’re planning a fantastic, fun and healthy Christmas season this year.

Slowly but surely, the spirit of Christmas is beginning to appear all over Wimbledon. Shop windows have already received their special make-over and that knot of worry in our stomachs has begun to form. However, Christmas shopping doesn’t need to be synonymous with rushing around, over-spending and feeling overwhelmed.

#1 – Make Time For Yourself

We’ve spoken about aromatherapy before on Lady Wimbledon.com and the wonders it can do for your wellbeing. There is nothing better than lighting a candle and taking a minute to gather your thoughts, roll out your yoga matt, do a few yoga poses and find your centre again. Why not light a Yankee Candle and listen to soothing music or read a book. Clintons have a wonderful range of candles ranging from Frankincense, Autumn Nights, Rhubarb Crumble, Frosty Gingerbread, Christmas Cookie … we could go on and on.

#2 – Never Go To Bed Angry

When we go to bed upset or angry those negative thoughts wreak havoc on our bodies. Make time to unwind after a long day and build a routine that will help you decompress and get a well-deserved nights’ sleep. Treat yourself to Oliver Bonas’ Unwind Set and wake up feeling rejuvenated. Just in case you need the extra pick me up you can also try their Oh K! Under Eye Mask to relieve puffiness around the eyes or the BeautyPro Restore & Renew Mask set. The sheet masks infused with Olive Oil are marvellous and work to rehydrate parched skin.

#3 – Beauty Secret Of The Goddesses

Essential oils have become a vital part of beauty and wellness regimes the world over and we haven’t tired of them yet. They’re perfect for nourishing our skin, reducing inflammation, reducing anxiety and promoting that much desired healthy glow. Indulge this festive season with L’Occitane’s Immortelle Divine Youth Oil which you can pick up at Debenhams or try their Shea Fabulous Oil.

#4 – The Heart Is Where The Home Is

The small things really make a house a home and when we feel proud of our surroundings we feel more inclined to enjoy these spaces. Turn your favourite spaces into a winter wonderland retreat this festive season. Whether you love softer, plush tones or more intricate designs such as this range of Aztec inspired furnishings. Monsoon has a wonderful range of soft furnishings which can easily be mix and matched to suit any interior style. My favourites include the Aztec Pom Pom Collection in Yellow (Ochre), the Sequin Texture Green Cushion matched with the Linen Tassel Cushion.

So here are our four tips to enter the Christmas period feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and stress-free just in time for wreath making workshops, tackling the turkey, untangling the tinsel and hanging up those fairy lights.


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