1st Day Of Xmas Wimbledon Gave To Me

1st Day Of Xmas Wimbledon Gave To Me

Posted by Bhavash Padhiar | 30 November 2018 | Beauty, Lady W, Style & Beauty

Wimbledon warmly welcomes you to December, the festive month, of joy, of cheer, and spending quality time with those we genuinely care for. Let the party season commence and may you sparkle, and shine. You, my young lady, shall go to the ball and feel stunning. Read on to find out how you can benefit from £200 off skin treatments at Wimblederm based in Lulu Blonde.

I love Christmas time. It is always so busy. Children have their Christmas plays and winter fairs to go to, work events line up and every evening and weekend we feel the pull to spend time with friends and friends, not to mention the glamour of a charity ball to attend. Good times, cementing friendships and reuniting with family are what makes this time of year special.

However, the late nights, extra slices of panettone and fruitcakes, champagne and cocktails and barrage of incredible food to pleasure your senses can have a detrimental effect on your health and your skin. The price we often pay by feeling the ‘fear of missing out’.

The extra sugar and carbohydrate intake have the effect you mentally and physically leaving you feeling bloated, lethargic and uncomfortable during the day. The daily consumption of a few extra glasses of wine, bubbly and cocktails are causing more damage than just to your liver. Anyone noticed how cocktails seem to get more and more extravagant each year?

Fear not pretty maiden, you shall go to the Christmas ball and look amazing.

Firstly you can say no to the second (or third) offering of cakes and pass on the bread basket. Use a good probiotic every day. I suggest Optibac – One Week Flat sachets which come in a handy 28 pack to see you through to 2019. This has a very special blend of probiotics designed to rid your gut of nasty gas-producing bacteria that have been partying hard on the sugar and carbohydrates you’ve been treating them with.

The excess alcohol may have some harmful longer-term effects that need addressing but the best start is to use a good liver cleanser like milk thistle or artichoke supplements or better still avoid drinking alcohol as much as you can. I like to drink sparkling water with ice, lime and cucumber. It’s refreshing, healthy and hydrating. The other advantage is that you can pass it off as a gin and tonic. That way you get better sleep and wake up without a fuzzy head.

And do try and get some exercise too. Combined with a good supply of water you will start to flush out the toxins trapped in your muscles and body tissue. This Christmas you will have your cake and not feel so guilty. And if you do need a little helping hand then be sure to visit my clinic Wimblederm based at Lulu Blonde. Let us help you enjoy the holidays.


Written by Bhavash Padhiar. Read more work by Bhavash here

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