Healthy Eating & Wellbeing in 2019

Healthy Eating & Wellbeing in 2019

Posted by Sisley White | 16 January 2019 | Food & Drink, Health & Fitness, Magazine

Healthy eating and wellbeing are so much more than just eating well. It encompasses all of the things which make you happy too. The hobbies, seeing friends and so much more. Let’s start with food. There are so many ways to introduce small changes to your diet and how you treat food that can make so much of a difference to your overall wellbeing.

Centre Court Shopping Centre offers so many places to shop which can help with your healthy eating and wellbeing. From Lakeland for steamers and every kitchen gadget that will help you create more of your own meals to Paperchase who stock meal planners to help you plan your weekly meals and also save you money (who doesn’t like that). Marks & Spencers and Tesco both have a great selection of food including more vegan dishes.

My 4 top tips for healthier eating and wellbeing;

Drink more water

I’m sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t drink enough every day but getting a reusable water bottle will help keep you hydrated and banish the single-use plastics. If you prefer hotter drinks then try herbal teas like peppermint or green tea. Jazz up your water with cucumber slices or rosemary sprigs to add a little extra flavour. This great bottle from Lakeland (16.99) is a thermal bottle so it can keep drinks hot or cold which makes it perfect for me to take out my peppermint tea when I’m on the go.

Plan your meals

There is a great joy when it comes to planning meals. You can see clearly at a glance what you’re having and not have to worry about having the right items in your kitchen. You can make sure the meals are more balanced and include vegetables. It is also a great way to save money as you can order everything and not go off the list in a supermarket.

Make your own food

It’s easy enough to get ready meals and takeaways each day but creating your food will more than likely be healthier. Slow cookers are very popular right now as they can help you cook wonderful dishes while you leave them to get on with your own activities. Check out WHSmiths for cookbooks and inspiration. By creating your own food you will use fresher ingredients and know exactly what is in your food. My choice cookbook for eating healthier meals is ‘5 Ingredients – Quick & Easy Food’ by Jamie Oliver. The recipes are simple to follow and produce wonderful results.

Sit down and eat

With so much going on in our lives it’s easy to be on your phone or computer and eating at the same time. Taking time and creating a space for your meals makes it more likely you’ll eat slower and relax. It creates more of a mindfulness experience which is good for your mental and physical health. Laying the table really comes into the mindfulness experience and creating something is very good for helping you to unwind and be in the moment.

Written by Sisley White

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