The Ultimate Vegan Glow Bowl Recipe

The Ultimate Vegan Glow Bowl Recipe

Posted by Sisley White | 22 January 2019 | Food & Drink, Magazine

Vegan sharing platters and glow bowls are a favourite meal of mine to enjoy our and create at home. The size of the board is easily changed to be bigger and bigger and include more lovely things to nibble that everyone around the table would enjoy.

At Centre Court Shopping Centre you have everything you need under one roof to create a beautiful sharing bowl. Depending on your love of being in the kitchen you can make everything from scratch or with the help of the supermarkets you can cut a few corners and get to the dinner table quicker.

On my vegan glow bowl, I have a rainbow salad which has red cabbage and quinoa mixed in. A beautiful vegan pastry from Marks & Spencer filled with spiced red cabbage and beetroot, topped with butternut squash. An Avocado sliced up and rolled into a rose (well almost but it still looks pretty and avocado is just delicious). Classic hummus topped with paprika and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil. Toasted beetroot wraps to dip in all the goodness on the plate.

Take a sneak peek below of the beetroot wraps sliced and toasted and perfect for dipping in hummus.

What is so great about creating these glow bowls is how flexible they are. To start with I made a really easy rainbow salad.

Easy Rainbow Salad

I finely chopped a quarter of red cabbage, thinly sliced 1 carrot, cut 100g plum tomatoes in half, a handful of mint leaves ripped up and 100g of quinoa. Once they were all chopped up I mixed them together and put a portion in the large serving bowl.

I used Merchant Gourmet red & white quinoa from Tesco for my salad. It’s a great ready to go bag of quinoa which can be microwaved to make it warm or can be served cold too. Tesco also has quinoa ready to cook at home if you want to make more which is a great store cupboard item.

For the drizzle for the salad, I mixed together in a jug 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice, half a teaspoon of mustard, a small sprinkle of sea salt and 4 tablespoons of olive oil. Then I added a little extra lemon and oil until I got the taste I wanted, which was slightly more tart than usual.


To go with the salad I opted for falafels. They are so delicious and I love how so many people are surprised to find out they are made of chickpeas. You can make them yourself which is really fun or find a delicious pack of them at a supermarket. Plus if you fancy making them at home a little chilli and spinach thrown in tastes wonderful.


Adding avocado to the glow bowl adds something so smooth and creamy to the glow bowl. It’s delicate buttery and ever slightly sometimes nutty flavour really contrasts the strong other flavours yet stands its ground. It’s also a great source of natural oils and vitamins.

Vegan parcel from Marks & Spencer

For a little something hot for the bowl I opted for a veggie parcel from Marks & Spencer’s new veggie range. The veggie filo pastries filled with spiced red cabbage and beetroot, topped with butternut squash were beautiful. The crispy pastry, soft root vegetables and the spices from the red cabbage work so well and offer something vegan with a lot of flavours. A lovely quick bake and it fitted on to the tray perfectly.


It’s safe to say that hummus is incredibly popular so it’s a great easy ingredient to pick up at any supermarket now. This beautiful creamy mixture is so versatile and fantastic to mix other flavours in to. My favourite additions to boost hummus has to be adding in basil and pine nuts to give the pesto flavour and adding pine nuts, but also scotch bonnet chilli works very well too if you want a fiery take on a classic.

For the glow bowl, I kept it simple with homemade classic hummus topped with paprika and a drizzle of olive oil.

Beetroot wraps

Marks and Spencers and Tesco both have a great range of brea and crackers. If you are looking to take up bread making visit WHSmith and check out their cookery books. There are loads to get you inspired including the great baker Paul Hollywood’s How to Bake which will get you started baking a variety of things.

At Marks & Spencer, they have the beautifully vibrant purple beetroot wraps which I sliced up and grilled lightly to toast and warm them when the bowl was served. They have a great flavour and when toasted were perfect for dipping into the hummus. It added to the fabulous multicolour nature of the glow bowl.

Enjoy your glow bowl perfect for sharing with friends.

Written by Sisley White

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