Wake Up Early As The Key To Success

Wake Up Early As The Key To Success

Posted by Lifestyle Lucy | 7 January 2019 | Health & Fitness, Magazine

Waking up in the morning is something that a lot of people struggle with, I certainly used to. These days, I am up between 5-6am every weekday and I can truthfully say that I tend to bounce out of bed even during these cold winter months.

I don’t let my mind begin to even think “its 5am, I should still be asleep!” because that negative mentality is not healthy for myself or for my day ahead.

I do however, have a few things I do each morning to help make the process and easier one. Below are my top 6 tips to help you rise and shine in the morning.

1. Get some good Zzz. Ensure you get a good night’s sleep by going to bed at a decent hour. Try turning off the TV 30 minutes before bed and picking up a book instead. I don’t allow my laptop to be in bed with me, nor do I have a TV in my room because even though you may find you can fall asleep in-front of a screen, your sleep will most likely still be affected preventing you from getting a quality night’s sleep and making waking up a lot harder to do!

2. Do not hit snooze. Whatever you do, do not snooze – it does more harm than good. An extra 15 minutes in bed will more often than not leave you feeling groggy! I like to use the 5,4,3,2,1 method. As soon as your alarm goes off, count down in your head 5, 4, 3, 2 and then jump out of bed on the 1. You will feel so much more energised!

3. Rehydrate immediately. After a long night’s sleep, your body will be thirsty. I like to have a warm glass of lemon water mixed in with some apple cider vinegar each morning to help kick-start my digestion, quench my thirst and get some nutrients into my body.

4. Don’t scroll through social media. Not until you have gotten up and done something that day. Don’t make scrolling through your phone the first thing you do in the morning as it really isn’t a healthy habit for you or your mind. Endlessly scrolling can also waste a lot of precious time first thing.

5. Stretch and breathe. By stretching first thing in the morning you are instantly improving your brain activity by increasing the blood flow to your brain which helps to sharpen your concentration, circulation and energy levels. Stretching each day is also a really great way to improve your flexibility and mobility.

6. Make your bed. Making your bed in the morning is such a small task however it can make such a big difference to your day ahead. I love the small feeling of accomplishment when the bed is made and my room looks clean and tidy. A decluttered space makes for a decluttered mind.

So start incorporating these healthy habits into your morning routine to help you kick-start your day on the right foot!

Written by Lifestyle Lucy

Instagram: @lifestylelucypt

Twitter: @fitwimbledon

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