Tales of Family and Friendship – February’s Book Club for Kids

Tales of Family and Friendship – February’s Book Club for Kids

Posted by Janie Smith | 14 February 2020 | Arts & Culture, Wimbledon Kids

February is the month of love, but it shouldn’t be just for adults. Fire up your children’s imaginations with our fabulous family and friendship stories chosen especially for them.

Max and Xam by Ariane Hoffman-Maniyar

In this beautifully illustrated book about best friends, Max and Xam, Wimbledon author Ariane has written a hilarious story that examines the real meaning and value of friendship. The two friends find themselves falling out over which one of them is more popular and in their madcap efforts to prove the other wrong they learn what ‘making friends is really about! This book will resonate with any child who will, or has, at some point, faced the very difficult situation of “being popular” at school.

Cookie by Konnie Huq

A brilliantly funny new series written and illustrated by BBC Blue Peter’s Konnie Huq, featuring chaotic family life and crazy school science projects!

When her best friend moves to Solihull, Cookie’s life is basically over. She needs something to fill the void, so she begs her parents for a pet! Of course, her parents say no but not one to be discouraged Cookie visits the pet shop anyway. She finds the most beautiful kitten ever, Bluey, but then disaster strikes when the boy she simply cannot stand buys Bluey only to rename her Nigel! And then things get even worse when he moves in next door and joins her class at school!

Still, there’s always hope for Cookie. She gets a chance to go on TV’s Brainbusters, her favourite show, but she must win the school science competition first. If she can just keep her head down and stay calm, she might just do it. Unfortunately for Cookie though those are not her strong points…….

Finding a girl squad that’s as unique and special as you are starts with finding YOURSELF by Dr Angharad Rudkin

Friendships aren’t’ always easy especially with so much pressure via social media and those age-old hormones and one upmanhsip. Friendships are SO difficult to get right – and when rumours swirl or dramas unfold, your confidence vanishes, and the worries start to take over. In this essential guide to navigating friendships you’ll meet Poppy, who’s juggling all sorts of dilemmas at school. But whether it’s coping with feeling left out, handling bullies or embracing her true weird and wonderful self, friendship expert Dr Angharad Rudkin and author Ruth Fitzgerald are there to help with positive, practical advice. As you follow Poppy’s trials and tribulations, you’ll discover the secrets to finding your own ultimate girl squad – one which loves you for YOU.

I hope you love this month’s recommendations and that your children will too. I’d love to hear what they make of the books I have chosen for them in the comments below or on social media.

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