How To Stay Healthy In The Office At Home

How To Stay Healthy In The Office At Home

Posted by Bhavash Padhiar | 3 April 2020 | Health & Fitness

Our Health Blogger Bhavash Padhiar is working long hours in the hospital helping patients and staff through the global health pandemic. On his late night commute home, he wrote a guide for us on how to stay healthy in the home office. Bav, we’re so proud and thankful.

Technology is a wonderful thing. For those of us that can work remotely are working from home. Is all you need is a laptop and broadband?

It is quite easy to become a bit stir crazy in your new workspace and with limited movement you can become quite unhealthy too, not the best idea during the very unusual spring we are having which it seems will continue for many more months and fundamentally change the way we live from now on.

Bring The Outdoors Inside

Just as there is no place like home, there is nothing like natural light. Position your workspace near a window and bask in spring sunshine while you get creative and tickle the keyboard. Natural light will make you feel happier gently releasing endorphins just as you would whilst on the beach or walking through the countryside. If you are in direct unobstructed sunlight, don’t forget to wear your sunscreen. This is an opportunity to top up your vitamin D whilst you work but remember to stay sun safe.

Green plants have been known to improve creativity and increase concentration. Some well placed plants in your workspace will help with the feeling of a natural surrounding. Plants have the added benefit of processing carbon dioxide into much needed oxygen.

Look Away

When confined in any space for a long period and with a fixed gaze at a screen, it’s easy to suffer eye strain which can easily lead to fatigue, headaches and migraines. Having something to look at in the distance helps to relieve sore and tired eyes, even if it’s only looking at clouds in the sky or chirpy birds on a nearby roof.

Rearrange Your Furniture

A little change in the arrangement of your room can make you feel like your almost in a new place. Switch around your desk, sofas, tables, chairs and anything you like. A change is a good as a holiday (so they say!) you never know, you may like the new arrangement. A few little feng shui changes may just be the antidote to staying in. This is also an opportunity to give the room a spring clean. There’s always a patch that seems to get forgotten during the regular cleaning (or cheeky cleaner)

Open Windows

When I was a child my grandmother would open all the doors and windows for about half an hour every day, even in the deepest coldest winter months. What I now know is that there is a build up of negative ions in the air when you’re in a confined space that occur from continuously breathing in the same air. A regular change in the air in the house will make you feel more alert, less lethargic and uplift your mood.


Your home office becomes an extension of your work office. As you spend more time at your new makeshift desk, it’s easy to forget that you need to pay attention on your posture. Lower your chair or raise your computer screen, so that it is at eye level. This way you are not slouching or looking down at your screen. Take regular walks, even if it’s while talking on the phone to keep your back upright and keep your blood moving. If you work from a standing station at work, try recreating that at home.

Eat Healthy

Try to stick to your usual daily routine for meal times. It can be quite easy to break out the biscuit tin or a packet of crisps to nibble on whilst working. Before long you will be eating more and more snacks in between meals. Much discipline is required here to stop the easy comfort food breaks. Substitute sugary and high carbohydrate snacks with carrot and cucumber sticks with some delicious hummus or some fruit or cheese. Remember to get some exercise too. Joe Wicks has just become the country’s PE teacher so join in the 9am fun on YouTube.

Make Time For Conversation

Conference calls and work Skype meetings do not count. Phone an old friend the old fashioned way and catch up on yourselves without the pressures of work or the current health situation. Talk about yourselves and family and recount the good times and retell the funny stories you’ve told each other a million times. It will be the little oasis to gently escape some of the stress of spring 2020.

Written By: Bhavash Padhiar

A pharmacist with over two decades of clinical experience – ranging from working in hospitals and serious injury units to owning an NHS pharmacy – Wimblederm founder Bhavash Padhiar has expertise in medicine, clinical pharmacy and advanced medispa treatments.

Facebook: @wimblederm
Instagram: @wimblederm
Twitter: @bhavashmedical

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