Wimbledon and Merton Support Movember in Style

Wimbledon and Merton Support Movember in Style

Posted by Bhavash Padhiar | 17 November 2020 | Charity, Community Spirit, Health & Fitness, Wimbledon Gent

This year and November being men’s health awareness month, I have decided to raise money for a charity close to my heart and my underpants… You may have seen the posters on buses and signboards of pictures of regular guys sporting some very questionable moustaches. It is all in the aid of awareness of cancers that are quite specific to men and to research treatments for these deadly diseases. I previously managed a sterile manufacturing unit in a hospital where I clinically checked prescriptions and then made up chemotherapy doses specific to the patient. I am very passionate about the research and treatment of cancers.

Around 12,000 men in the UK sadly die each year from prostate and testicular cancer.


The Movember Story


The Movember story started in 2003 in Australia when two friends, Travis and Luke, joked about bringing the moustache back. They were inspired by a friends mum who was raising money for breast cancer and decided to find 30 friends to take up the challenge to grow a moustache for the prostate cancer foundation of Australia. By 2006 Movember was an official charity and the campaign had spread to the UK and Spain and then 2007, the USA and Canada were involved too. The money raised was distributed to the Prostate cancer foundations of each respective country.

Moustaches and beards used to be quite uncool until about 10 years ago. Previously beards were the realm of old wizards and 1980’s sitcoms with characters like uncle Albert (only fools and horses) and Mr Baxter (Grange Hill). They were not what you would call sexy. The moustache addressed some of the X factor with TV detective shows like Magnum Pi and Poirot. Facial hair just wasn’t a ‘thing’.


Then Movember came along and guys were growing moustaches and beards for giggles and a good cause. A lot of guys quite liked their new look and kept their facial hair for a little while longer. I have not been clean shaven since 2016. It’s more of a short stubble now, nice and neat. Other guys have grown some incredible beards and now it would be a strange to associate them without a beard, just as I’ve been told by Mrs P that I’m going to look weird without a beard. I will be clean shaven on the first of November to provide a blank canvas to grow what I hope will be a magnificent beard. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook to check on my progress.

Movember Team Merton


Movember has hit Merton as male colleagues from across the borough banded together to support the charity and grow their ‘taches this month.  Seen below are  team members consisting of colleagues from Age Uk Merton , Merton borough committee and NHS public health:


When to Seek Help


The ageing process is not an illness. Sometimes symptoms of a serious illness are shrugged off with the belief that “it’s ok I’m just getting on a bit.”

Watch out for the need to pee more often and then only to dribble instead of a good flow. Are you waking up more at night to go to the loo?  Or feel like you need to strain to pee or you can’t empty your bladder properly. These are signs that you may have prostrate trouble.

Have your testicles changed shape or have any new bumps or lumps? Just as women need to check their breasts on a regular basis, men should check their testicles too.

Any of these symptoms can indicate something more serious and early diagnoses leads to better outcomes. Men a notoriously bad at visiting the doctor, especially when it comes to intimate areas but it’s always better to get things checked out sooner.


Have a look at my movember page, have a read and perhaps make a donation. Thank you. It’s always appreciated:




Written By: Bhavash Padhiar | Wellness Blogger

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