Eyes of Lady Wimbledon

Eyes of Lady Wimbledon

7 November 2018
Elys of Wimbledon Celebrate Christmas

Discover Elys of Wimbledon all over again at their Christmas Shopping Event and enjoy their 20% off exclusive discount on almost all brands in store now.

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5 November 2018
Elys of Wimbledon Christmas Event 2018

Join Lady Wimbledon and the Eyes of Lady Wimbledon blogger tribe as we celebrate Elys of Wimbledon Christmas Shopping Event on Wednesday 7th.

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2 November 2018
Enter The Festive Season Stress Free

As the festive season approaches, we begin to think about spending precious time with loved ones, family and friends. Yet, the stress of organizing Christmas dinners, co-ordinating whose buying what...

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1 November 2018
Lady W Wimbledon Halloween Party

Delve into the rabbit hole and discover Lady Wimbledon's Fear Meets Fantasy inspired Halloween party complete with Nesan Creations, Cranes Drinks and more.

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1 November 2018
South West London Christmas Fair 2018

The South West London Christmas Fair welcomes the festive season this year with a two-day event in support of an important charity Cancer Research UK.

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31 October 2018
Lady W’s Fear Meets Fantasy

Lady W's 2018 Halloween Party summoned the hellish and the heavenly for an epic night with live music, freshly made food and divine beverages.

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31 October 2018
Wimbledon 2018 Party Highlights

Welcome the New Year and celebrate the end of this one with Lady Wimbledon's 2018 Highlights featuring Tennis parties, Halloween and Christmas.

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29 October 2018
Halloweek At The Ivy Cafe Wimbledon

Descend upon The Ivy Cafe in Wimbledon this week to sample their seasonal Halloweek menu. Book your table now before the strike of midnight.

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26 October 2018
Top 5 Bonfire Displays To Watch

'Remember, remember, the fifth of November', and so we shall. Here is our round up of the best fireworks displays happening in Wimbledon and London.

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23 October 2018
Best Halloween Parties in London

Get ready for the wildest night of the year! Take your pick from our choice of Halloween parties from Shoreditch to Kings Cross and back to Wimbledon.

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