Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness

10 June 2022
Posted by Bhavash Padhiar
All you need is the air that you breathe

“Work as hard as you play and play as hard as you work.” Is what my doctor told me when I was feeling very overwhelmed at a low point during...

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30 May 2022
Sam Deville Brings Bespoke Pilates to Wimbledon Village

New on the fitness scene of Wimbledon Village this season is Sam Deville, who runs her own bespoke Pilates business in the heart of the Village. In her beautiful house,...

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2 March 2022
New Victoria Hospital host free Women’s Health Webinar

With elective gynaecological surgeries being cancelled or delayed and limited access to women’s health services during the pandemic, many patients are now in need of specialist care. Southwest London based...

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7 February 2022
Shining a Spotlight Children’s Mental Health Week

BAFTA & Oscar-winning actress Olivia Colman, TV’s Emma Willis & Strictly’s Oti Mabuse Shine Spotlight on Children’s Mental Health Week Celebrity Editor Angela Sara West @angela_sara_west finds out how famous faces...

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5 February 2022
Introducing Infrared Saunas, F.I.T Partnership

Our increasingly modern world is one that is inundated with external stressors and toxins. Now more than ever, it is necessary to do what we can to remove these toxins,...

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1 February 2022
The month of self love ❤️ What do you love most? 

Breakfast in bed with warm croissants, silk pjs, cashmere socks and the magical land of books to fall inside of. Spring flowers that fill the room with a scent of hope...

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31 January 2022
Stacey Jackson – Livin’ It Up for Wellbeing with Snoop

From PTA mum to international recording sensation, South West London-based singer/songwriter, fitness guru, TV star, novelist and proud mum of four Stacey Jackson came to fame late in life, making...

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31 January 2022
Feel Good Food & Work Out With Joe Wicks

The record-breaking “nation’s favourite PE teacher” Joe Wicks (aka The Body Coach) chats with our new Celebrity Editor Angela Sara West @angela_sara_west about how to improve your physical and mental...

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28 January 2022
Top 10 Running Places in Wimbledon

One of the greatest ways to see more of Wimbledon is to run about this area. Suppose you are looking for Wimbledon's top hiking and running routes for a challenging...

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26 January 2022
Personalise Your Path to Wellness with Hannah Norris

Have you ever stopped to think about what your body needs from a genetic perspective? We used to avoid high fat foods like avocado, and now avocado is a ‘superfood’. Even...

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