Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness

14 January 2022
The Best of Hot Yoga, Wimbledon

In our quest for wellness, its easy to forget that the path toward progress doesn't have to be gruelling. From food diaries, to workout plans, trying to strike the right...

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7 January 2022
Welcome to Wellness January

We are long overdue a morning stretch to start the day strong. Lady Wimbledon is here to wake us all up. The time has come to organise our head, home,...

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7 January 2022
A Healthier 2022 – Made Simple.

Over the last few years, you have, most likely, been bombarded by social media personalities promoting some form of obscure yoga or diet plan that comes with the promise of...

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1 January 2022
Planning to Get Dental Implants? 10 Risks and Benefits You Should Know

Our teeth can take on a lot of pressure and chew throughout our lives. However, you may end up losing some teeth, whether it’s from decay due to lack of...

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1 January 2022
5 Tips to Eliminate Stress and Improve Mental Wellbeing

Want to relieve stress and maintain your physical health? Don’t we all. Here at Lady Wimbledon we understand the pressures of keeping in shape despite being busy. However, looking after...

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10 November 2021
How To Start Your Own Personal Trainer Business

Starting your own business can be a daunting prospect. It can appear fraught with difficulties and potential pitfalls, with the risk of failure and ever-present danger. However, running your own...

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3 November 2021
The FIT Partnership Cryotherapy 1 Year Birthday

Wimbledon's The F.I.T Partnership is officially 1 year old! Hundreds of clients have experienced the benefits of Cryotherapy and Vasper during this time, and many clients have become part of...

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1 October 2021
Make your body a temple with these top food delivery services

Health and fitness enthusiasts across the world put a huge emphasis on the importance of the correlation between consuming the right foods and seeing noticeable physical "gains" from exercise. Most...

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21 July 2021
Is your Hay fever getting worse? Here is why.

Hay fever is getting more widespread than ever. Symptoms can affect your work life, but also your spare time, physical activities, travels and general wellbeing. But why does it feel...

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2 July 2021
Posted by Victoria Licona
Up your Tennis Game with Wimbledon Cryotherapy

As we approach the Wimbledon tournament this weekend, you don't need to be a professional tennis player to visit our facilities. Cryotherapy is made accessible to all! You don't have...

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