Top 5 Wellness Tips For Autumn

Top 5 Wellness Tips For Autumn

Posted by Flora Firth | 2 November 2023 | Health & Fitness, Magazine

Chunky knits, shiny conkers, and eating cakes in cosy coffee shops signify autumn’s arrival. So as the leaves on Wimbledon Common turn a beautiful golden colour, take some time for you: mind and body. I’ve put together 5 simple tips to help you feel-good throughout this stunning season…

Credit: Brooke Lark

Eat In-Season Veggies

For a tip-top immune system, your body relies on nutrition to fuel its important function. Stock up on in-season, (preferably organic) veggies: butternut squash, carrot, parsnip, pumpkin and purple sprouting broccoli. They make mouth-watering soups and casseroles. Cook big batches on the weekends to make weeknights that bit easier.

Visit This: Stock up on fresh fruit and healthy vegetables at the Wimbledon Village Farmer’s Market available every Saturday 9am – 1pm. With so much variety, you can grab delicious ingredients and try out new home-made recipes for autumn.

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Read Yourself Happy

Reading boosts your mental health, studies say. Getting into the habit of picking up a book helps you de-stress, improves sleep and makes you more empathetic towards others. So if you’re looking for book recommendations, look no further than the hugely popular Wimbledon Bookfest.

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Get A Good Nights Sleep

Get your sleep routine on track. Our bodies like to have the same bedtime and wake up time every day and it’s even better for our sleep if it’s in line with sunset and sunrise. So now as daylight hours are shorter, can you add an extra 30 – 60 minutes to your nights sleep? The extra rest can boost your immune system, too.

Try This: Health and fitness editor, Bhavash Padhiar offers tips on how to sleep better. Try using home remedies such as herbal tea to drink and sleep balms or ointments to put on your pillow or on the sides of your temples to help you relax at bedtime. You can even try hot baths to relax your muscles, preparing you for the best night’s sleep.

Credit: Leon Seierlein

Take A ‘Forest Bath’

The Japanese call it Shinrin-yoku, literally “forest bath.” Otherwise known as a walk in the woods, this therapeutic activity is a hot topic at the moments thanks to studies and research. Japanese researchers measured body changes in people who walked for about 20 minutes in a beautiful forest, with the woodsy smells and the sounds of a running stream. The forest bathers had lower stress hormone levels after their walk than they did after a comparable walk in an urban area. Also, spending time outside increases your vitamin D levels, making you feel happier and improving your concentration.

Walk This: Make the most of the beautiful changing seasons and head outside for a long walk under the falling leaves. Wimbledon Common or the gardens of Cannizaro House are both stunning at this time of the year.

Credit: Jacob Postuma

Be Aware Of Your Emotions

Darker, cooler days sometimes increase emotions like sadness and grief. For some people, increased exercise or even yoga helps reduce these debilitating emotions. For others, meditation helps. Sometimes just becoming mindful and aware of these emotions can reduce their impact.

Try This: Wimbledon encourages happiness, wellbeing, activeness, mindfulness, positive psychology, meditation, coping skills and kindness. Try out The Pilates Clinic to get fit and motivated for a healthy autumn start. Classes are available here.


About The Author

Flora Firth

Flora is on her wellness journey and hopes to encourage you to join her. She’s proud to be voicing the importance of mind health in a world where we’re striving for unrealistic perfection.

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